It is Time to Craft a Responsive Website for your Brand!

It is Time to Craft a Responsive Website for your Brand!

Responsive website design is invading the IT market and seducing brands to turn to the mobile world. But first what do we mean by responsive website design? This term refers to the fact of having one website with different elements that respond differently when viewed on devices of various sizes.

More people are using mobile devices … It is a fact. Consequently, focusing on marketing via mobile devices is no longer an option, but rather a compulsory choice. Google, itself, is taking serious measures to incite its algorithms to penalize sites which are not using responsive design.

Advantages of responsive website design

Nowadays, consumers are not using mobile devices to only browse the internet. They resort to their smartphones to look for business opportunities or choose new products. Thus, you need to prepare your mobile application to welcome any prospects who may stumble by your brand while surfing on their smartphones. Polls show that 72% of all people will prefer a brand that has a website that is optimized for mobile traffic. That figure is likely higher with professional companies looking for another service provider. Business leaders have long departed from their traditional image of bossy men sitting behind their desks. They are now seeking any business opportunity even in their smartphones.

For these reasons, you need to adjust your brand to these changes. You need to rely on our expertise to make sure that your clients can read important information on the mobile version of your website. Have you ever used your smartphone to browse a website that is poorly optimized for mobile traffic? It can be extremely frustrating. The biggest complaint is that visitors won’t be able to read the content on the site. Over 60% of them will click the back button and never return. They will not give your site a second chance when they come back to their desktop. Seeing the emergency of turning to mobile development, you better start investing in responsive design. It will pay amazing dividends in the months and years to come. Launch your first mobile app with us on:

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