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Why Steps is the Perfect Fit for you!

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Since there are many web development companies and agencies in the market, in this article we will tell you why steps is the perfect fit for your business. We will discuss the history of our company as well as our achievements, our highly experienced team, and we will give you more details about our services.  Steps is an IT company founded in 2012 specialized in Web and mobile development and data mining. We opt a B2B (business to business) approach offering our high quality services to a large base of national and international clients. 

1/ Our history:

After establishing our company, we provided offshore web and mobile development services to governments, and businesses. Indeed, we already had international clients since our first year in the market. Besides, we started developing a constructive database and building our team’s expertise in data mining and analysis. Then, we started exploring data that we collected through our previous work and in 2016, having acquired a strong experience and grasp of data mining. 

2/Our achievements: 

Since our foundation, we have been making big steps into the market and working with up to 167 clients from all over the world. Moreover, we succeeded to accomplish more than 10 big projects. This large base of clients allowed us to build a highly qualified team.

3/ Our team:

We are so proud to have more than 20 proficient engineers who are constantly working in order to satisfy our dear clients. Their professionalism and commitment allowed them to strengthen their expertise. In fact, our team is composed of different departments; mobile and web development, data-mining and marketing.  We are apt to create high quality projects with the latest trends in the marketing field.

4/Our services:

As your satisfaction depends on our availability and rapidity to respond to your needs, we guarantee that we will be at your disposal whenever you need us.

  • Web Development and Design :

The most important thing every website needs today is to be responsive and user-friendly. Indeed, we create interactive websites and compatible with different devices. Moreover, we provide assistance with both the aesthetic and technical aspects without forgetting to put our unique and creative touch.

  • Mobile App Development: 

Our qualified and experienced team is apt to develop all different types of apps for both IOS and Android devices. We create well- designed and innovative apps with efficient features in order to boost the engagement of your clients.

  • Data Mining:

We analyze data and turn it into useful information to help our clients make better decisions. Our data-mining experts will allow you to forge the best strategy for your business using pattern recognition technologies.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Our skilled team will help you increase your internet presence. We will ensure an attractive, relevant and visible content to search engines and web searchers.

Contact us:

We always try to change the formal framework and facilitate the communication with our dear clients. Don’t waste your time anymore and contact us now!

DATE: Jul 23, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

5 Psychology Tips for a Better User Experience

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Nobody can deny the important effect of psychology on the user’s experience within a mobile app. Being aware of the principles of psychology will help every designer to create a more  effective app using some adjustments and techniques. 

In this article, we will provide you with the most important design principles supported with some examples to help you understand how to apply them.

1/ The Isolation Effect:

Von-Restorff-EffectThis effect predicts that when you see similar objects at the same time, the one that will be the most remembered is the one that differs from the rest. In fact, the call to action button looks more catchy and more different from the other buttons to grab the attention of the user.

This technique  will make the user differentiate the simple button and the call to action which will have an effective effect on the app.  

2/The Serial Position Effect:

serial_effectThis effect means that a user tends to remember the first and the last items in a series. Indeed, popular apps today go for a top or bottom bar of items in which they place the most important actions to the left or right.

As a result, every designer should  keep in mind the importance of this effect in order to get the most of his app.

3/Hick’s Law:

This principle describes that the time taken by a user to take a decision is proportional to the choices available to him. This means the fewer choices you provide for him, the less time he will take to make a decision, and as a result the easier for him to interact with your app. In fact, this technique is so important and practicable. Therefore, every designer should rely on it in order to boost the responsiveness of the users for its app.

4/Law of Proximity:

This principle means that the human’s mind tend to group things and objects that are near or proximate to each other. Indeed, the mind’s association is done in an easier way when objects are grouped together then when they are spaced apart. As a result, the designer should be aware of the importance of a well organized app.

5/Cognitive Load:

This principle refers to the amount of mental effort or thought taken by a person to complete a task. In this theory, we can delve into the intrinsic cognitive load. It states the difficulty related to a specific topic. That’s why the micro-copy and copy have a really important role in order to build a responsive and user-friendly mobile or web app. For instance in the empty states of an app, we push users to complete a specific task. That’s why we use a catchy and appropriate copy to help them follow the instructions.

This theory refers to processing information and creating schemes. In fact, the schemes are a sort of pattern in which we can organize information and build relationships between them. Therefore, we use design patterns to make it easier for the users to recognize and understand information.   


Steps with its highly skilled and experienced designers and developers will offer you the chance to build your mobile or web app using these psychology tricks. Having a user-friendly and responsive app with some engaging content is all what you need to let your business grow. What are you waiting for ? Contact us now and let us contribute in your success!

DATE: Jul 18, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Boost Your Business with Mobile App Development

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Do you want to boost your business with mobile app development ? However, you don’t know how to do it. We are here to help you achieve this goal. Learn how to make mobile app development your new ally to run your business like a pro. Add value to smartphones and make a great asset to increase your profits, not just for calling and messaging.

boost-business-mobile-appThe world is getting more and more digitalized. Thus, people are more keen on using web apps to enjoy online services, instead of traditional techniques. Consequently, you need to grasp the new advantages of mobile development to attract more users.

Deep down, you may this that mobile app development is an extra investment that you should postpone to later phases.

In the following lines, we will show you that app development should be on your priority list. First, it will help you …

1/ Provide Value to Customers:

A mobile application is the perfect tool to grant a personalized experience to users. Within a blink of an eye, they can get access to the app and upload their opinions. When customers feel appreciated and valued, they will be tempted to follow your updates and recommend your goods. Your clients will thank you for building a trendy app for them. With our mobile app development department, we are the skilled team you are looking for to impress your clients. Building an app will also provide you with a competitive edge over stakeholders in the market. Having a mobile app can also help you to build a rewarding approach for loyal clients.

2/ Build a Loyalty System:

Your best asset is the loyalty of your clients. You need to valorize these precious people. What better than having a loyalty program embedded in your app? Actively using their apps to get to buy and discover goods online, you can reward the most engaging users. When they encounter such types of programs, users will be quite competitive and provide you with instant feedback to improve mobile app development. This competitive edge will also impact the user experience. Does this last point help to you to build a comprehensive view of your brand?

3/ Enhance your Brand with Mobile Apps:

Not everyone is keen on using desktops to follow their brands. On the contrary, people prefer the easiest shortcut to visualize and buy goods. Thus, they take their smartphones and rely on mobile apps to choose and make decisions. You need to build a comprehensive view of your brand to please buyers. In addiction to having a mobile optimized website, you need to build a user-friendly mobile app. Within a very competitive marketplace, give the chance to your clients to have a great user experience. With these ingredients on set, they won’t have a room to complain about your brand. In addition to this, you can also increase your profits with mobile apps !

4/ Increase Sales:

The customer satisfaction and sales bounds together – as the customer satisfaction will grow, sales will also follow. When your clients get access to a responsive and SEO optimized mobile app, they will be tempted to carry on their experience with your web app. Thus, we will have a low bounce rate, and this is for the benefit of your web pages. In fact, customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with customer demand. A happy client won’t hesitate to discover your new offers and promotions available on your mobile app.

Feeling tempted to start your mobile journey? Contact us now on steps !

DATE: Jul 2, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

What Are the Mobile Development Trends of 2019 ?

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Do you have any idea about the mobile development trends f 2019 ? No worry ! As IT enthusiasts, we will be thrilled to share with you different stories about instant apps, mobile payment and more. These new trends will open various opportunities for entrepreneurs all over the world. Definitely, we will find old trends that still persist on the list. However, other new approaches are also marking mobile apps in 2019. Wanna be on the list of front-runners in 2019? Follow us and grasp the best trends you should use for your business. First, let’s start with:

1/ Augmented and Virtual Reality:

Go beyond the screen and make yourself immersed in the augmented reality. As youngsters, we spent hours enjoying gaming and getting into virtual worlds. We are witnessing the popularity of many mobile apps such as Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. These apps rely essentially on augmented and virtual reality. Both concepts increase user engagement significantly. People identify with what they are given. Thus, they will enjoy this new technology in mobile development. This will lead us to

2/ More Chatbots in 2019:

Chatbots have brought great value to businesses recently. They added a human aspect to the world of technologies. They provide a more personalized experience for customers. We can rely on chatbots to answer our frequently asked questions. Unlike customer assistants, chatbots are available 24/24 to ease our worries in minutes.  We can proudly say that virtual assistants are employees with immeasurable mobile performance. Following this point, you need mobile development techniques to implement chatbots. For this reason, we are committed to craft the best mobile apps for you. We will be even thrilled to build the newly applauded instant apps !

3/ What about Instant Apps ?

When we talk about instant apps, we will certainly refer to native apps. We can simply use native apps with downloading them. This fact gives individuals a better user experience. Regardless of the smartphone you are using, you can easily get access to instant apps. They are also user-friendly and showcase a responsive design. It goes without saying, the advantages of instant apps highly impact SEO techniques. In fact, instant apps are also a great means to ensure mobile payment… our next trending technology !

4/  Better Mobile Payment Options:

In few years, you won’t need your payment cards. As mobile technology is evolving in a really rapid pace, you will be able to use mobile payment models such as bitcoins ! The financial sector is witnessing heavy changes. It is welcoming mobile banking. At Steps, we like building financial apps to facilitate the financial transactions of our clients. Worried about the security of such delicate operations ? Our first priority is to guarantee the safety of your data. In fact, the popularity of m-wallets is rising. We are here to catch up with the new trends of the market. Our developers are passionate about crafting new mobile solutions for your financial operations. Now, we move to wearable apps !

5/ What are Wearable Apps ?

What time is it ? Someone asked you once and you were happy to show them your new glamorous watch ! Now, you will even be able to brag about your new wearable app. Now, you will be quite motivated to have your apps wherever you go in a blink of an eye. Whether it is your fitness routine or your heart rate app, you will just need to check your wearable app. The wearable will witness even more comprehensive improvement. This upcoming innovation goes hand in hand with the fast growing of 5G.

6/ Welcome the New 5G:

5G wireless connection is expected to spread around the globe in 2019. This new technology is coming fast to topple down the previous 4G. This fact will even in a great way mobile app development. As you can notice, the sphere of technology is really impressive. At Steps, we can’t be but motivated about what new trends can bring more to web and mobile development. Be up-to-date with new innovations and take your business to other levels with us !

DATE: Jun 25, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Discover the 7 Web Development Trends of 2019 !

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2019 is offering us 7 new web development trends. As a Tunisian web development company, we cover and dig deep into the prevailing trends of the market. Today, we are tempted to share with you the latest technologies. We will discover together the most in-demand languages and frameworks. We will help you to build your new trendy web or mobile app. First, let us start with the impact of artificial intelligence on the field !

1/ Artificial Intelligence:

You have certainly heard of this term before! But what do we mean by it ? In fact, we define artificial intelligence as a type of intelligence displayed by machines, mainly computers and robots. This process mimics human intelligence in order to fulfill cognitive tasks. By this, we offer better analytical solutions to our clients, and we grant them a magnificent user experience. We bet you also heard about AI chatbots and virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. These innovations bring human touch to web and mobile apps and fosters instant interaction with users. While artificial intelligence enhances the empathy of apps, JavaScript is also ranked as a persistent web development trend in 2019.

2/ JavaScript:

By far, we do confirm that JavaScript still seduces web developers all over the world. This language is constantly evolving and bringing new solutions to developers. As IT experts, we witness the evolution of its frameworks, libraries, and designs for the past years. Thus, it gives the market new opportunities to satisfy business needs, and most importantly the growing expectations of demanding clients. Don’t miss this most sought-after web development programming language. Rely on us to build your app with the best on the market ! But have you recently met the term ” Progressive web app” ?

3/ What’s Progressive Web App ?

Progressive web apps will be your new goldmine for 2019. We can tell you these apps are similar to regular web pages. However, they are way better in terms of functionality. Forget about the network state and the browser ! These apps are built with progressive enhancement. Thus, they work regardless of the features cited above. PWA focuses essentially  on the content of the core web page. Thanks to these advantages, these web apps grant a great user experience for clients. Let’s now compare it to single page application !

4/ Single Page Application:

We bet that single page application is the rock star of 2019. These web applications are mainly built with JavaScript. They boost performance. With this processing, we won’t have frequent interruptions due to page loading. Single page application  respond to navigation actions without creating a request to fetch new HTML from the server side. Along with progressive web app, single page application is highly applauded as the sought-after 2019 web development trend. We will also look into mobile friendly websites !

5/ Mobile-Friendly Website:

Today, you need to have a mobile friendly website ! This fact is out of discussion. These websites adjust themselves to all types of screen sizes and devices. We center mainly on touch controls with mobile friendly websites. Thus, we can have quicker navigation and better user experience. Websites, with mobile friendly features, reduce data entry and grant better functionalities. Thanks to the proliferation of highly functional smartphones, we are witnessing a huge shift from web development to a growing pace of mobile app development.

You want to be in top of web development agencies? Then, you need to have mobile friendly website. In fact, Google itself built a mobile optimized search. By this, Google employees want to give smartphone users an excellent user experience. Regardless of the device they are using, your clients should enjoy your next mobile friendly website. This can be further enhanced by our next 2019 web development trend.

6/ Motion UI/UX Design:

Again, Motion UI design is marking this year. As users, we love trendy graphics and fantastic dynamic designs. This fact impacts website usability. During the web development phases, developers make sure to include motion UI to attract users and ensure a remarkable user experience. On your website, people should identify with what you are offering them. They need to see a catchy visual story. Rely on our creative team to concoct the best story for your web app. Now, let’s get more into the technical sphere and talk about our next web development trend.

7/ Blockchain Technology:

blockchain is a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers. This new technology is getting more and more famous, as it grants a secure design and a decentralized consensus. We can list some advantages of blockchain technology. It cuts financial costs and improves cash frequencies. In fact, it is also quite useful to improve cash flow backed up by transparent records/data.

After going through our seven 2019 web development trends, isn’t time to keep up with the trends and let us build for you your next trendy web app !








DATE: Jun 10, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Mobile App Vs. Mobile Website: What’s Better for your Business ?

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You want to choose between a mobile app and a mobile website ? We help you to make your decisionBut first, you need to know some facts about mobile usage rate. In fact, you should notice that 58 percent of website visits come directly from a mobile device according to the last statistics of 2018. This goes far beyond the desktop usage. Want to learn another significant figure? People spend much more time connected on their mobile phones than sitting on their desktops.

42 percent of total time spent online is recorded on mobile screens. Thus, you should more than ever include a mobile strategy for your product/service in your next marketing plan. You need to decide whether your business needs a responsive mobile website or a fast loading mobile app.In order to make this decision, have a look at several criteria such as your target audience, your budget, and the objectives you want to fulfill with your business.

At Steps, we are skilled at creating user-friendly mobile websites, but we also like building functional mobile apps. Now, we will compare between both business channels. Then, it is up to you to make your choice. Let’s start with:

1/ User Interaction and Users’ Feedback:

If you are looking for an interactive platform to communicate with users, then you should definitely opt for a mobile app. Users won’t be just looking at static images and heavy-loaded content, they will be tempted to download their iOS or Android app and interact with other users. Look at Instagram ! Unlike the mobile version, you will undoubtedly fall in love with the app, as you can upload your personal photos and interact with other users’ reactions. In fact, native apps provide users with a faster and more responsive experience compared to mobile websites. Apps are the perfect tool to track user engagement and gather customized feedback and recommendations. Let’s compare now functionalities in mobile websites and apps.

2/ Functionalities:


Mobile apps are more immersed in the mobile journey. They offer users a more interactive interface. Thus, they make it easier for them to complete tasks and get what they need. Contrary to mobile sites, apps allow users to enjoy built-in devices such GPS and location. Consequently, retailers can track customers and inform them about special offers with push notifications. But are mobile apps accessible to all types of clients?



This will lead us to the next feature !

3/ Availability on Smartphones:

It is well-known that apps can only function on specific platforms such as iOS and Android. However, users may always access responsive mobile website regardless of the device and the operating system they are using. So, choosing a responsive website or a mobile app depends first on your audience. If you are targeting a wider portion of clients with low-income devices, I think  building a user-friendly mobile website is a more suited choice. In addition to this, users won’t be compelled to download or install frequent updates, while connected on mobile websites. Now, we move to the notorious question of costs.

4/ What about Costs ?

If you are looking for a cost-effective option, you may consider building a mobile website first. For its easy updates and fix bugs, developers will definitely advise you to build a user-friendly version of your business web app. However, the mobile app industry generated 92.1 billion in global app revenue in 2018. Although building a mobile app can be a more expensive option, business owners can see their investments back with multiple revenues.

5/ Conclusion:

Looking into all these features, we can say that opting for a mobile website or an app depends in the first place on the objectives of your business. If you are targeting a wide range of people, you should think seriously about the next guidelines of your mobile website. But, if you are aiming at a concrete user engagement, then let us help you to write down the next specifications of your mobile app.

DATE: May 20, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

6 Steps for a Successful Mobile App Launch

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In this article, we are happy to give you 6 steps for a successful mobile app launch ! Launching your new product is a critical phase for you. It can help you to have significant profits or make you unfortunately lose time and money. Thus, we will help you with 6 tips to guarantee an excellent mobile app launch. A good quality mobile app will help you maximize user retention and bring daily traffic. So, you need to first look at your audience.

1/ Who is your Audience?

Before getting into the technical part of your mobile app development phase, you need to grasp your audience. You should spend time on market research to guarantee the success of your mobile app. Don’t get into this fatal mistake. Avoid blindly launching your mobile app without knowing your audience. Try to grasp what users hate about the already existing apps in the market. By this, you can assess the weak points of these apps and attempt at solving the users’ problems. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is your app built for?
  • What are the problems your app is going to solve ?
  • What’s the added value of  your app to users ?

Now we will move to the next step which is your positioning in the market.

2/ Define your Positioning in the Market:

We live in a digital era. We are always hooked on our smartphones. In fact, we have more than 2.2 million apps in the App Store alone. Thus, what will your mobile app add to users? Offer something unique and quite helpful for users. Be there to make their lives easier and to respond to one of their lingering desires. Be a problem solver ! Provide them with a unique value proposition. Consequently, clients will be tempted to download your app. Don’t just deliver a new product. Give people a unique experience to live with your new mobile app! Through your mobile app launch, what do you want to achieve?

3/ What are your Objectives Behind Launching your Mobile App?

Be precise about what you want to give to users with your mobile app. Have practical objectives. Write down your goals and have your eyes on active install rates, along with a standard number of views. This will lead you to get a high rating score. We have said it before, and we will repeat it here ! If you grant customers a great user experience, they will be tempted to download your mobile app and give it high ratings. Aren’t we getting closer to the launching phase !

4/ Prepare Launch Activities:

Have you ever thought about your marketing plan ? You need to calculate all your steps before marketing your new app. You should execute all tasks in a timely manner. Take care of your social media channels. They will be your best ally to reach users. Sketch a timeline that revolves around events targeting the launching your mobile app. Consequently, clients will be ready to discover your new mobile app. Craft a persuasive pitch, the floor is yours !

Use a product duration site which will host your target market. This type of sites are made to promote new products and apps. Provide a catchy and technical description of your app. Make problems appear seamless. Now, it the launching time !

5/ Launch Your Mobile App !

Our mobile developers team is dedicated to make the last verification of your mobile app. It is in here to impress and “waw” users. We refer to an excellent quality app with record loading pages rate. Otherwise, clients will be easily disinterested and will leave it for another one. To avoid this unfortunate situation, our IT specialists are committed to make the best app out of your ideas. Don’t forget the post launch !

 6/ Post Launch Follow-Up:

Opt for a Tunisian web and development company and leave for us the follow up of your app. Apps are iterative. Consequently, you should always update its algorithms to improve user experience and meet the clients’ expectations. When people are deciding to download an app or not, one of the first things they look at is the app’s ratings. For this reason, keep up with follow up to guarantee high ratings for users. Steps, a Tunisian web and mobile development company, will be your business partner to build a lucrative, responsive and user-friendly app.

DATE: Apr 29, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

iOS vs Android : What Platform best Suits your Mobile App?

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You want to know what platform (iOS and Android) suits your mobile app? You have set your business plan. Now, you think that developing an app is the next revolutionizing step for your brand. However, some thoughts still trigger your mind. How do you decide which platform is right for your product? There is one obvious question for this question. In fact, iOS and Android own 97 percent of the global mobile market share. Thus, this fact makes them the most eligible platforms that you need to consider for mobile app development. Steps helps you to choose the right approach to build and launch your mobile app. Now, we will be comparing both iOS and Android platforms in terms of audience, revenues, timeline, and budget. Consequently, you will a better vision of what to choose for your business. We will start with your audience.

1/ Think about your Audience:

Your audience is there just waiting for you to launch your mobile app. However, you need to address them using the right channel and the best platform. First, you need to define what end goal your app aims to achieve. Whether an Android or iOS platform, it should align your business model. Although Android has the greatest global market share and gets more app downloads than iOS, you shouldn’t ignore iPhone fans. In fact, iOS users reveal higher engagement rates. They spend more time on their apps, and they purchase more in-apps. So, now let’s compare the number of downloads for each app store.

This comparison highly testifies to the huge gap between the number of apps downloads in Google Play and App store. This fact shouldn’t fool you about your audience. If you are targeting low-income employees and a bigger share on the global market, you should opt for an Android app. However, think about iOS mobile development to attract users with higher income and education. All depends on the business model of your mobile app. Your mobile app will bring you revenue and profits. So, take your time to set your goals.

2/ What about your Mobile App Revenue ?

Seeing the status of users who use it, iOS apps will obviously make you more money. Despite its few downloads and users, the App Store generates more revenues than Google Play Store. Although the Google Play Store witnessed an increase of 27.3 percent in consumer spend year-over-year, iOS platform is by far the most lucrative one.

If you want to make much money out of your mobile app, iOS apps are your first option. However, you will get much more users through Android mobile app development. Regardless of the platform you will choose, Steps developers will rely on their app development skills to craft you “must-have” app. To make the right decision, put in mind your project timeline.

3/ Check your Project Timeline :

Comparing between iOS and Android platforms? Developing for Android generally takes more time. In fact, developers need longer release cycles and device fragmentation. Due to its popularity, Android has much more screen sizes and OS version running. Thus, IT specialists should adjust the coding to your app. Although iOS mobile development was standardized for many years, the introduction of iPhone X series and UI constraints are making it more difficult for developers to develop it.

When you think about App stores, what thoughts come first to mind? The App store is known for its strict regulations and good quality products. Although the development phase may take less time than Android apps, it isn’t sure that they will approve easily of your product. After knowing  about the importance of your project timeline, we will move to another crucial element which is definitely your budget !

4/ Don’t Overlook the Constraints of Budget :

The budget reveals a lot about the scope and complexity of projects. When we compare iOS and Android platforms, nothing indicates that one is more expensive than the other. As we have already said before, all depends on what you aim by building your new mobile app. If you want to cover numerous devices, developers will spend much time and resources. However, if you want an equal number of devices on both platforms, the cost of building apps will not vary much. Now, you have all the ingredients at hand and I guess you will be able to make your decision !

5/  Make your Decision :

Looking into different elements, you are able to know what will best work for your business. If you target higher income users, and monetized apps, go for iOS mobile development first. However, if you look for a global larger market, Android apps will be your best allies. Regardless of your decision, our developers are ready to build your new trendy mobile app.

DATE: Apr 24, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Unveil the Difference between Mobile Friendly and Mobile Optimized Web Apps!

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You certainly have heard of mobile friendly and mobile optimized web app. However, do you really know the difference between these two terms? Following the mobile revolution, many businesses have set one priority: making their websites mobile ready. Added to this, many web developers have started to adopt a responsive design to grant users an enjoyable mobile trip. In fact, you should have a website which displays with a high resolution through a variety of formats. Steps’ developers work hard to ensure this objective and grant their clients with the best user experience. But first, let’s grasp the meaning of these newly coined words.

1/ What’s a Mobile Friendly Website ?

mobile friendly web app

Mobile friendly refers to a site that displays accurately between your desktop/laptop computer and a mobile device such as phones and tablets. Thus, we will need a minimum of scrolling and image sizing. Regardless of the device you are using, our mobile developers make sure that your app functions in the right way. In fact, the percentage of mobile users is increasing in such a terrific pace.Consequently, you need to have a mobile friendly app to guarantee that users come back to it.Our skilled web designers adopt small image sizes to allow for fast loading over mobile connections.


When we talk about mobile friendly websites, we take into consideration a number of features such as:

  • Text-based pages
  • Slideshows
  • Image sizes
  • Buttons

Now, let’s figure out what differs mobile friendly websites from mobile optimized website.

2/ Any Idea about Mobile Optimized Website ?

mobile optimized app

We will talk about mobile optimized sites which are way more complex websites. Web developers will ensure that the site will reformat itself for a list of handheld or tablet devices. The coding of the site will allow it to adjust itself to any device. It is no longer a matter of image sizing or functional buttons. In fact, many users are hooked on their smartphones looking for new products. When they encounter websites which are not mobile optimized, users get annoyed.They won’t be tempted to get back to your site. Unfortunately, this will give us a negative bounce rate.

To avoid this embarrassing situation, your website should be optimized in terms of coding and web design to grant a great user experience for clients. In fact, our developers will build a website that allows the user to easily navigate and engage from the small screens of their handheld devices. This fact will help them to reach their buying decision faster. The first features to look for:

  • Less touch points in a minimal design
  • Less typing unless necessary information

The third term to look for is the commonly used “responsive design”. Let’s grasp it together:

3/ What’s your Definition of Responsive Design?

The web design is witnessing a remarkable revolution. The old notions are toppled to pave the way to new forms and optimized templates. We are merging towards a user-focused web design. The client should feel like a king or a queen once he lands on your web page.  This is will be the case if you opt for a responsive design. We will develop for you a site that is utterly flexible regardless of the device used. Forget about the browser of the device used, the website adjusts itself to the size of the screen. Thus, the site is reformatted and optimized to ensure a great flexibility for users. Although it has higher development costs, a responsive design is a necessary element to attract users a make sure they come back to your site.

Our mobile development team is committed to craft for you a catchy responsive design to reach the maximum of users.

DATE: Apr 23, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Let’s Compare: Web vs. Native vs. Hybrid!

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In this article, we will tackle the three different types of mobile app development : web vs. native vs.hybrid. In fact, you need to know what type of mobile app development match best the needs of your business. Choosing the right option is crucial to ensure the success of your mobile strategy. This piece of writing will explain the different approaches to mobile development. We will expose the advantages and inconvenient of every method. Thus, you can have a bigger picture of what process suits your next mobile app. First, let’s grasp the definition of a web app.

1/ How Do We Build a Web App ?

It is worth noting that web apps are hosted on web browsers. Just like native apps, users can use web apps on different devices such as desktops,  Android phones, iPhones and tablets. With native apps, you need to install the app on the home screen of the device. However, users rely on a web view to profit from web apps. Building a web app is piece of cake in terms of coding for developers. This fact will automatically impact their prices

Thus, web apps are usually considered inexpensive in terms of costs. But, these apps always require a web browser. Users won’t be satisfied with this last requirement. They can also be slow compared to other types of apps. As they may impact the working of other utilities in electronic devices, web apps can’t leverage device utilities. After assessing the pros and cons of web apps, let’s grasp the “native apps” !

2/ What about Native App Development ?

Native apps are par excellence the most expensive type of mobile apps. But you may wonder why ? Native apps are tailored apps that are built to solve specific business problems. In fact, native apps require specific platforms. These apps are written in the languages the platform accepts. Let’s say we use Swift and Objective-C for iOS apps. However, we will adopt Java or Kotlin are common for Android apps.

Compared to other apps, native apps are by far the fastest and the most responsive ones. They are distributed in distinct app stores such as Google play and iOS app store. These native apps don’t any internet connection. This reason makes them one of the most acclaimed app in the mobile development sphere. This type of apps provide clients with a great user experience. Since native apps can be the right choice for your business needs, our mobile developers will be happy to use their expertise to craft the best native app for you.

3/ Let’s Have a Look at Hybrid App Development:

As its name indicates, hybrid app development combines native and web app. This type of mobile development encompasses two methods of app development. First, web developers start with the back-end code. Then, they resort to a native shell which is downloadable. Thanks to this shell, our skilled IT specialists can load the code using a web view. Looking for a hybrid app, our mobile developers will be happy to put your thoughts into your reality and to build the best hybrid app for you.

In terms of costs, hybrid apps, just like web apps, are less expensive than native ones. This type of mobile development can work independently of web browsers. However, they are quite slower than native apps. We can also underline that hybrid apps cannot be customizable to individual platforms like native apps. Regardless of the app you will be choosing for your business, our mobile developers are here to help you select the best app to grow your profits.

DATE: Apr 23, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam