Data Science Services

Enhancing data capabilities to drive greater results and accelerate decision making

Enhanced Productivity

Data Driven Decisions

Minimized Fraud Loss


Scale your business with
data-driven solutions

Data foundation and modeling

Build a strong data foundation to obtain solid insights and start transforming your business to be more data-driven. 

From data collection to modeling, we will take care well of your data.  As a result, you get integrated and trusted data from which reporting can be performed.

Advanced Analytics

Anticipate customer behavior, detect trends & risks before they emerge by taking advantage of the power of predictive analytics, machine learning algorithms and the different statistical techniques.

Data Mining

Discover unknown valuable customer information,spot anomalous data that can indicate critical events, and identify new business opportunities with our data mining services.

Reports & Dashboarding

Get timely and actionable answers by visualizing your data into a dashboard that displays your major KPIs and draws conclusions to make faster decisions.

Data Analytics consulting

Leverage our data analytics consulting services to assess and optimize your current data status, and identify optimal technologies that will help you convert your data into revenue opportunities


Business Intelligence “ BI”

Get a holistic view of your data to reduce risks and cut costs while growing your revenue by exploring our business intelligence services.



Technologies we master

We master those tools to provide timely and accurate results to you

Elastic search
Le sphinx
Qlick view
Power BI
SQL server

We care about
your data

Security of your data is our TOP priority.
That’s why STEPS ensures adequate care
of all the data we receive from our clients

Transform your data
into actionable insights

That’s how data can do wonders in your business

Customer  Segmentation
Customer Segmentation
  • Know your profitable customers and identify the potential ones
  • Tailor each interaction
  • Increase profit by keeping costs down
  • Demand  Forecasting
    Demand Forecasting
  • Optimize production, inventory, and supply chain
  • Find valuable prospects
  • Increase revenues and margins
  • Fraud detection  & prevention
    Fraud detection & prevention
  • Identify patterns of fraud
  • Track your transactions in real-time
  • Stop fraud quickly and prevent revenue loss
  • Marketing campaigns  optimization
    Marketing campaigns optimization
  • Deliver the right message to the right people at the right time
  • Improve campaign performance
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Recommendation  system
    Recommendation system
  • Increase sales & revenues
  • Provide personalized experience to your customer
  • Achieve high satisfaction rates
  • Lifetime value  optimization
    Lifetime value optimization
  • Quantify customers potential value
  • Identify profitable customers
  • Differentiate marketing efforts
  • Unlock the hidden Potential in your business

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    performance- New business

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