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3 bonnes raisons pour lancer votre business E-commerce

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Le commerce électronique est un excellent domaine dans lequel inaugurer, surtout aujourd’hui. Même en tant que débutant dans l’e-commerce, les outils et les ressources sont tous mis en place pour vous.
Tout ce dont vous avez besoin, c’est d’une solide éthique de travail et d’un désir de réussir.

Voici trois bonnes raisons pour démarrer un business E-commerce maintenant !

1- Le commerce électronique devrait augmenter de 13 à 56 % dans le monde entier !

Lors du choix d’un modèle d’entreprise, il est toujours important d’examiner les tendances et de se diriger vers les marchés en croissance chaque fois que possible. Les statistiques confirment l’idée que le modèle d’e-commerce est un bon choix pour les entrepreneurs qui cherchent à démarrer une nouvelle entreprise, ou ceux qui souhaitent se diversifier et se développer.
En outre, si vous voulez vous lancer dans le commerce électronique, il n’y a guère eu de meilleur moment. Les opportunités grandissent de jour en jour.

2- Gagnez pendant que vous dormez

Pour les entreprises physiques, l’emplacement est primordial.  Cela peut faire une énorme différence en termes de visibilité et de ventes. Dans le commerce électronique, vous pouvez configurer une vitrine sur votre propre nom de domaine et vendre vos produits dans le monde entier. Vous n’avez pas besoin de plusieurs vitrines pour être vu.
Le commerce électronique a un certain attrait “passif”, et bien qu’il soit certainement possible de gagner pendant que vous dormez, les propriétaires d’entreprise devraient chercher à tirer profit de la technologie à chaque tour pour développer leurs activités.

3- C’est encore plus facile d’être opérationnel !

Les outils d’e-commerce se sont beaucoup améliorés avec le temps, mais ils sont plus nombreux que jamais auparavant. De la vente des plates-formes à l’automatisation du marketing et aux outils de référencement peuvent être opérationnels sans se ruiner.
Il existe encore de nombreuses bonnes raisons pour lancer votre business e-commerce.  Si vous êtes intéressé à être votre propre patron et à vendre des produits qui vous passionnent, faites appel aux prestations de Steps !
Nous vous assurons un travail dans les règles de l’art !  

DATE: May 13, 2020
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

5 Psychology Tips for a Better User Experience

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Nobody can deny the important effect of psychology on the user’s experience within a mobile app. Being aware of the principles of psychology will help every designer to create a more  effective app using some adjustments and techniques. 

In this article, we will provide you with the most important design principles supported with some examples to help you understand how to apply them.

1/ The Isolation Effect:

Von-Restorff-EffectThis effect predicts that when you see similar objects at the same time, the one that will be the most remembered is the one that differs from the rest. In fact, the call to action button looks more catchy and more different from the other buttons to grab the attention of the user.

This technique  will make the user differentiate the simple button and the call to action which will have an effective effect on the app.  

2/The Serial Position Effect:

serial_effectThis effect means that a user tends to remember the first and the last items in a series. Indeed, popular apps today go for a top or bottom bar of items in which they place the most important actions to the left or right.

As a result, every designer should  keep in mind the importance of this effect in order to get the most of his app.

3/Hick’s Law:

This principle describes that the time taken by a user to take a decision is proportional to the choices available to him. This means the fewer choices you provide for him, the less time he will take to make a decision, and as a result the easier for him to interact with your app. In fact, this technique is so important and practicable. Therefore, every designer should rely on it in order to boost the responsiveness of the users for its app.

4/Law of Proximity:

This principle means that the human’s mind tend to group things and objects that are near or proximate to each other. Indeed, the mind’s association is done in an easier way when objects are grouped together then when they are spaced apart. As a result, the designer should be aware of the importance of a well organized app.

5/Cognitive Load:

This principle refers to the amount of mental effort or thought taken by a person to complete a task. In this theory, we can delve into the intrinsic cognitive load. It states the difficulty related to a specific topic. That’s why the micro-copy and copy have a really important role in order to build a responsive and user-friendly mobile or web app. For instance in the empty states of an app, we push users to complete a specific task. That’s why we use a catchy and appropriate copy to help them follow the instructions.

This theory refers to processing information and creating schemes. In fact, the schemes are a sort of pattern in which we can organize information and build relationships between them. Therefore, we use design patterns to make it easier for the users to recognize and understand information.   


Steps with its highly skilled and experienced designers and developers will offer you the chance to build your mobile or web app using these psychology tricks. Having a user-friendly and responsive app with some engaging content is all what you need to let your business grow. What are you waiting for ? Contact us now and let us contribute in your success!

DATE: Jul 18, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

The Benefits of Having a Good UI/UX for Business Websites

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A good UI/UX has certainly benefits for business websites. Indeed ,You only have one chance to make a first impression. Coming up with an outstanding first impression is primordial to attract your customers. This goes hand in hand with having a captivating website to guarantee an enjoyable experience for your clients. In other terms, the site owner is in charge of launching a website that the users are satisfied with. This fact has been said, one should think of remarkable User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of the website. All along this article, we will be looking into the benefits of having a well-designed UI and UX for startup websites.

The site owner should take into consideration these two variables for a variety of reasons.

1/ Easy Reading of the Content:

Regardless of the electronic device they are using, your customers should be able to read your content. If your prospects encounter unreadable lines or blurry interfaces, you run the risk of not having them landing on your web page again. One of the ways to avoid this is through proper designing of the user interface. At Steps, we do not overlook any criteria that may harm your website. Our pillars are a well-designed UI to ensure a practical UX. Our designers are committed to make a perfect digital portal for your customers to reach you.

As you may be aware, search engine optimization rewards websites that are readable. Consequently, you should pay attention to readability and solicit the assistance of professionals to provide a meticulous placing of your online resources. By having this, you attract more potential users to your site. Do not also forget to have a good font for your website that encompass your idea and the mottos of your business project. In addition to the readability of your website, you should also reconsider …

2/ Practical User Interactions:

Marketing is a key factor for the success of any business project. As an investor, you should be willing to listen to the feedback of your customers. A captivating interface, yet simple, will encourage users to interact with you and solicit your help. To facilitate this procedure, you may also add a comment where users can share their experience.

3/ A Clear Vision:

When you embark on developing a website, you are driven by a certain goal and vision. The motto of your project should appear in the very first page of your website. With clear and precise words, you should introduce to the users what your business is about. With a well-structured website, your customers won’t feel confused. In other terms, you should place yourself in the shoes of the users. Nonetheless, you cannot accomplish this when you have a poor quality user interface and user experience. 

Essentially, the UI makes use of aspects such as images to capture the content and message of the site. On the other end, the user experience helps in enhancing the interaction between you and the users. This way you are guaranteed that the users resonate with your vision.

4/ Handy in Navigation:

When they land on your website, your customers should have a satisfying experience. To reach this objective, users should move from one page to another without hassle. This fact entails other actions such as fast loading speeds and swipes. Facing sites with a slow response, the users won’t be seduced to open the website page again. People are bombarded with hundreds of websites developed every day. So, you should be aspiring to create an excellent website, not a good one. To achieve this, you ought to be meticulous when designing the UI and UX. Basically, the UI and UX should wow the users even before going deep into the content.

The ball is on your court to make sure that your website will match with the expectations of your customers. Steps’ team is here to help you develop an outstanding webiste with an UI/UX approach. Discover all our web development and design services on  steps.tn/packages/


DATE: Oct 2, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Design Tips that can Improve your E-Reputation

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Everyone needs to know design tips to improve E-Reputation, In fact, A professional website remains your portal to gain new customers and foster client relationships. Your internet business window is your path to establish credibility among your sector and target audience. An effective website must provide a steady flow of targeted leads and a user-friendly experience. It is a tool to increase ongoing sales and bring more business traffic. To guarantee these objectives, the developers and designers in charge of the website should adopt a customer-centered approach and data-based decisions. Considering the complexity of such a fact, we will provide you with some useful tips to improve your e-reputation and your website traffic.

1/A Growth-Driven Web Design Strategy:

Conducting a consistent research on the objectives and motives of your website is a seminal step to start your work. Without a proper and effective web design project plan, you’ll probably end up burning a lot of time and so much in your budget. Take your time to draw the guidelines of your online project. Otherwise, you may end with an undesirable website that you can’t manage. Unfortunately, this may lead to a negative impression on your connected target. It also goes without saying that you should avoid extravagant budgets and complicated designs. To ensure this, you should use …

2/A professional Team:

Due to budget constraints, you may be opting for the cheapest option in terms of web development and design. However, resorting to inexperienced and unprofessional interns can tremendously harm your e-reputation.

Building website requires a range of expert-level skills including search engine optimization, quality assurance testing, database implementation, programming, marketing, copywriting, user-experience optimization, branding, graphic design, web design among other technical skills to make it work. At Steps, we provide this and more. Our skilled IT engineers are mobilized to make your website the hub of your business with aesthetically designed creations and highly structured programs. Our professional team will also help you to adopt a reliable domain.

3/A Reliable Domain Name and Hosting Service:

Among the first things, you need to do before even thinking of launching a website are finding a domain name that uniquely identifies your brand to your readers and a hosting platform to keep the website afloat, both of which are billed. To have the right to use a domain name, website owners should make yearly payments to their domain registrars. Be careful to frequently renew your domain, because you may run the risk of having it expired. Once done, another company can scoop it and sell it back to you with exorbitant price. Content is also another fact to consider for the success of your online website.

4/ Relevant Quality Content:

Producing regular quality content is quintessential for your website to figure on top ranking. A remarkable content is important to have a sustainable Search Engine Optimization. A skilled copywriter may make your website stand out on internet and bring much more online traffic and attract more curious visitors. Such search engines as Google strive to provide users with relevant and useful content. Publishing interesting and well-structured posts that captivate readers while providing real value tends to place websites ahead of their competition.

5/ Simple Design:

When it comes to web design, the rule to follow is utter simplicity! Customers are flooded with dozens of online advertisements every day.  Your website should be designed in a simple fashion to make your clients’ online experience more enjoyable and practical. This ascertainment will bring high conversion rate to your platform. Great designs are the pillar of high engagement. A simple design can lead to brilliant results in on page performance factors.

6/ On-Page Performance Factors:

Prior to developing your website, there are several on-page factors worth considering. For one, page loading speed can greatly influence a person’s decision to stay on a page. Online audiences are very demanding. A site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load can discourage a user leading to a high bounce rate. This fact can damage the user’s experience and guarantee a never coming back on the pages of the website. To avoid this misfortune, you should include testimonials.

7/ Testimonials and Customer Reviews:

In a very competitive business world, your website should ensure your prospects. A way to do this is to tell them stories about prior clients. Show your prospective clients the results others have achieved using your product/service. To have a continuous flow of leads on your website, you should work on

 8/ Web Maintenance:

Just like cars, websites need a regular maintenance to operate perfectly. Proper maintenance helps in boosting site traffic, increasing the number of site visitors, ensuring site security and more. Your website is an available portal for your customers. It gives them a first impression on the products/services you present. Your website is one worldwide window into your business that has a great impact on the products and/or services you offer. And because the internet is a public place, your website is an easy target for vicious cyber security threats.

At Steps, we work endlessly to ensure that you have a web maintenance plan and everything else you might require for all of your website maintenance needs. It’s not enough to just set up the website — there’s still the need to keep your visitors engaged and interested in what you do. The overall website design remains a crucial factor when it comes to improving conversion rates.

Trust us to make marvelous designs out of your idea and launch your professional website in secure methods. Contact us on:steps.tn 

DATE: Sep 28, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

It is Time to Craft a Responsive Website for your Brand!

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Responsive website design is invading the IT market and seducing brands to turn to the mobile world. But first what do we mean by responsive website design? This term refers to the fact of having one website with different elements that respond differently when viewed on devices of various sizes.

More people are using mobile devices … It is a fact. Consequently, focusing on marketing via mobile devices is no longer an option, but rather a compulsory choice. Google, itself, is taking serious measures to incite its algorithms to penalize sites which are not using responsive design.

Advantages of responsive website design

Nowadays, consumers are not using mobile devices to only browse the internet. They resort to their smartphones to look for business opportunities or choose new products. Thus, you need to prepare your mobile application to welcome any prospects who may stumble by your brand while surfing on their smartphones. Polls show that 72% of all people will prefer a brand that has a website that is optimized for mobile traffic. That figure is likely higher with professional companies looking for another service provider. Business leaders have long departed from their traditional image of bossy men sitting behind their desks. They are now seeking any business opportunity even in their smartphones.

For these reasons, you need to adjust your brand to these changes. You need to rely on our expertise to make sure that your clients can read important information on the mobile version of your website. Have you ever used your smartphone to browse a website that is poorly optimized for mobile traffic? It can be extremely frustrating. The biggest complaint is that visitors won’t be able to read the content on the site. Over 60% of them will click the back button and never return. They will not give your site a second chance when they come back to their desktop. Seeing the emergency of turning to mobile development, you better start investing in responsive design. It will pay amazing dividends in the months and years to come. Launch your first mobile app with us on: steps.tn

DATE: Sep 17, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam