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How SEO is Leading the Way today !


Even before COVID-19, organizations struggled to keep up with rapidly changing consumer behavior.

Today, digital marketers need to rethink their digital marketing channels and ROI forecasts. ( Even if they adapt to their own homework and isolation strategies).

SEO, once considered a simple marketing channel, has become over the past ten years a rich and abundant source of commercial and consumer information.

It is actually leading the way!

SEO has become the most accurate representation of the “consumer voice” within organizations. Offering digital marketers from businesses of all sizes the opportunity to improve their visibility and extend their digital footprint while generating Rich and valuable business data that the entire organization needs.

Research marketers are able to help clients to resume or transform their businesses in a more digital economy, such as:

  • People still need products and services.
  • OMR reaches the consumer when he is in a state of need and whatever his state of mind.
  • When there is a shortage, people turn to research.
  • SEO is affordable and effective for return on investment.
  • Optimized content helps protect, build and increase brand equity.

SEO is the voice of the consumer and provides essential information on consumer behavior and habits.

Research helps secure the future of the business and provides immediate, medium, and long-term gains.

With over 53% of website traffic coming from organic search, it’s time for organizations to leverage SEO in many ways.

Many companies have ended paid searches due to business disruption related to Coronavirus. And now need to reassess how the paid strategy works in synergy with SEO.

In fact, the conditions generated by COVID-19 present a great opportunity for proactive marketers wanting to double SEO, as consumers are looking for interactive and engaging content.

Brands have unlimited potential right now to entertain, help, educate and inform.

DATE: May 28, 2020
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

3 bonnes raisons pour lancer votre business E-commerce

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Le commerce électronique est un excellent domaine dans lequel inaugurer, surtout aujourd’hui. Même en tant que débutant dans l’e-commerce, les outils et les ressources sont tous mis en place pour vous.
Tout ce dont vous avez besoin, c’est d’une solide éthique de travail et d’un désir de réussir.

Voici trois bonnes raisons pour démarrer un business E-commerce maintenant !

1- Le commerce électronique devrait augmenter de 13 à 56 % dans le monde entier !

Lors du choix d’un modèle d’entreprise, il est toujours important d’examiner les tendances et de se diriger vers les marchés en croissance chaque fois que possible. Les statistiques confirment l’idée que le modèle d’e-commerce est un bon choix pour les entrepreneurs qui cherchent à démarrer une nouvelle entreprise, ou ceux qui souhaitent se diversifier et se développer.
En outre, si vous voulez vous lancer dans le commerce électronique, il n’y a guère eu de meilleur moment. Les opportunités grandissent de jour en jour.

2- Gagnez pendant que vous dormez

Pour les entreprises physiques, l’emplacement est primordial.  Cela peut faire une énorme différence en termes de visibilité et de ventes. Dans le commerce électronique, vous pouvez configurer une vitrine sur votre propre nom de domaine et vendre vos produits dans le monde entier. Vous n’avez pas besoin de plusieurs vitrines pour être vu.
Le commerce électronique a un certain attrait “passif”, et bien qu’il soit certainement possible de gagner pendant que vous dormez, les propriétaires d’entreprise devraient chercher à tirer profit de la technologie à chaque tour pour développer leurs activités.

3- C’est encore plus facile d’être opérationnel !

Les outils d’e-commerce se sont beaucoup améliorés avec le temps, mais ils sont plus nombreux que jamais auparavant. De la vente des plates-formes à l’automatisation du marketing et aux outils de référencement peuvent être opérationnels sans se ruiner.
Il existe encore de nombreuses bonnes raisons pour lancer votre business e-commerce.  Si vous êtes intéressé à être votre propre patron et à vendre des produits qui vous passionnent, faites appel aux prestations de Steps !
Nous vous assurons un travail dans les règles de l’art !  

DATE: May 13, 2020
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Discover the top SEO Trends of 2020 that you must know !


If you are an SEO specialist and interested in SEO Trends, this article might be benefic for your job and if you’re not you should definitely know these important tools!
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is actually the fact of positioning a website or a mobile app on the top natural results of search engines. This seems to be an easy thing to do for most but actually it doesn’t!  First because you can’t pay for it and last because it demands a high qualified person to use the right techniques at the right time and must be friends with Google.

Now let’s talk about serious things and top SEO trends that must be used in 2020 !  

To start, I should announce to you that many practices will have more or less impact in 2020 than in 2019 on your SEO. Personalizing content also means promoting a special relationship between your target and you. Your audience should have the impression of reading content intended for them.

Google is in love again with content



Take your time to create quality content that has real added value compared to what your competitors offer.

Likewise, remember to structure them in the right order and form so that both readers and search engines can quickly understand what they are talking about.

Don’t ignore that! And remember that Google smiles for good content.

The long-tail SEO is always a good idea



As we said a good content will serve in a good way with SEO, but to make it even better and more efficient, you must use the long-tail.
That’s the fact of managing the access to a specific content if the main keyword is particularly competitive, it is essential to set up a long tail strategy.

In fact, using terms from the same semantic field and by referencing on longer queries, you must increase the visibility of your content on search engines.

A better consideration for the USER EXPERIENCE  as one of the SEO trends



In 2020, leading a user-centric strategy will be conducive to follow the SEO trends that will be used in 2020 for your website.

There is no longer any question of “only” attracting the Internet user, it is also necessary to offer a quality experience so that he wants to stay and come back.

To finish, I have one advice to give you all : you should never underestimate the powerful impact of  SEO on your business.

DATE: Dec 17, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Why Steps is the Perfect Fit for you!

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Since there are many web development companies and agencies in the market, in this article we will tell you why steps is the perfect fit for your business. We will discuss the history of our company as well as our achievements, our highly experienced team, and we will give you more details about our services.  Steps is an IT company founded in 2012 specialized in Web and mobile development and data mining. We opt a B2B (business to business) approach offering our high quality services to a large base of national and international clients. 

1/ Our history:

After establishing our company, we provided offshore web and mobile development services to governments, and businesses. Indeed, we already had international clients since our first year in the market. Besides, we started developing a constructive database and building our team’s expertise in data mining and analysis. Then, we started exploring data that we collected through our previous work and in 2016, having acquired a strong experience and grasp of data mining. 

2/Our achievements: 

Since our foundation, we have been making big steps into the market and working with up to 167 clients from all over the world. Moreover, we succeeded to accomplish more than 10 big projects. This large base of clients allowed us to build a highly qualified team.

3/ Our team:

We are so proud to have more than 20 proficient engineers who are constantly working in order to satisfy our dear clients. Their professionalism and commitment allowed them to strengthen their expertise. In fact, our team is composed of different departments; mobile and web development, data-mining and marketing.  We are apt to create high quality projects with the latest trends in the marketing field.

4/Our services:

As your satisfaction depends on our availability and rapidity to respond to your needs, we guarantee that we will be at your disposal whenever you need us.

  • Web Development and Design :

The most important thing every website needs today is to be responsive and user-friendly. Indeed, we create interactive websites and compatible with different devices. Moreover, we provide assistance with both the aesthetic and technical aspects without forgetting to put our unique and creative touch.

  • Mobile App Development: 

Our qualified and experienced team is apt to develop all different types of apps for both IOS and Android devices. We create well- designed and innovative apps with efficient features in order to boost the engagement of your clients.

  • Data Mining:

We analyze data and turn it into useful information to help our clients make better decisions. Our data-mining experts will allow you to forge the best strategy for your business using pattern recognition technologies.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Our skilled team will help you increase your internet presence. We will ensure an attractive, relevant and visible content to search engines and web searchers.

Contact us:

We always try to change the formal framework and facilitate the communication with our dear clients. Don’t waste your time anymore and contact us now!

DATE: Jul 23, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Unveil the Difference between Mobile Friendly and Mobile Optimized Web Apps!

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You certainly have heard of mobile friendly and mobile optimized web app. However, do you really know the difference between these two terms? Following the mobile revolution, many businesses have set one priority: making their websites mobile ready. Added to this, many web developers have started to adopt a responsive design to grant users an enjoyable mobile trip. In fact, you should have a website which displays with a high resolution through a variety of formats. Steps’ developers work hard to ensure this objective and grant their clients with the best user experience. But first, let’s grasp the meaning of these newly coined words.

1/ What’s a Mobile Friendly Website ?

mobile friendly web app

Mobile friendly refers to a site that displays accurately between your desktop/laptop computer and a mobile device such as phones and tablets. Thus, we will need a minimum of scrolling and image sizing. Regardless of the device you are using, our mobile developers make sure that your app functions in the right way. In fact, the percentage of mobile users is increasing in such a terrific pace.Consequently, you need to have a mobile friendly app to guarantee that users come back to it.Our skilled web designers adopt small image sizes to allow for fast loading over mobile connections.


When we talk about mobile friendly websites, we take into consideration a number of features such as:

  • Text-based pages
  • Slideshows
  • Image sizes
  • Buttons

Now, let’s figure out what differs mobile friendly websites from mobile optimized website.

2/ Any Idea about Mobile Optimized Website ?

mobile optimized app

We will talk about mobile optimized sites which are way more complex websites. Web developers will ensure that the site will reformat itself for a list of handheld or tablet devices. The coding of the site will allow it to adjust itself to any device. It is no longer a matter of image sizing or functional buttons. In fact, many users are hooked on their smartphones looking for new products. When they encounter websites which are not mobile optimized, users get annoyed.They won’t be tempted to get back to your site. Unfortunately, this will give us a negative bounce rate.

To avoid this embarrassing situation, your website should be optimized in terms of coding and web design to grant a great user experience for clients. In fact, our developers will build a website that allows the user to easily navigate and engage from the small screens of their handheld devices. This fact will help them to reach their buying decision faster. The first features to look for:

  • Less touch points in a minimal design
  • Less typing unless necessary information

The third term to look for is the commonly used “responsive design”. Let’s grasp it together:

3/ What’s your Definition of Responsive Design?

The web design is witnessing a remarkable revolution. The old notions are toppled to pave the way to new forms and optimized templates. We are merging towards a user-focused web design. The client should feel like a king or a queen once he lands on your web page.  This is will be the case if you opt for a responsive design. We will develop for you a site that is utterly flexible regardless of the device used. Forget about the browser of the device used, the website adjusts itself to the size of the screen. Thus, the site is reformatted and optimized to ensure a great flexibility for users. Although it has higher development costs, a responsive design is a necessary element to attract users a make sure they come back to your site.

Our mobile development team is committed to craft for you a catchy responsive design to reach the maximum of users.

DATE: Apr 23, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Adopt a Responsive Design for a Better SEO!

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Don’t forget to have a responsive design to improve your SEO. At Steps, we highly value giving users a great user experience. Here, we will provide you with some shortcuts to increase your web app SEO and grant clients an enjoyable digital trip. The first thing to consider is excellent web responsiveness. But what do we mean by responsive web app? We aim at crafting sites with an optimal viewing experience for users. This process requires a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling. Let’s look now at other features that will certainly increase your SEO techniques for 2019. First, we will grasp the mobile first indexing.

1/ Check the Mobile First Indexing:

Following the mobile revolution, Google has started to index web apps based on their mobile versions of web pages. Since March 2018, Google has insisted on the process of migrating sites to mobile-first index. Thus, when the migration of the site is performed, Google will take into consideration the mobile version. Consequently, you should build a user-friendly web app highly optimized in terms of mobile development. At steps, we build Android and iOS mobile apps that satisfy your business needs. With this in mind, you can no longer overlook developing a great mobile app that will delight both users and Google. This will lead us to the next SEO trend in 2019 !

2/ Keep in Mind the Page Speed:

One of the most persistent features that Google penalizes is page speed. Thus, our web developers will be glad to integrate an optimized web template to grant clients a magnificent user experience. This will automatically increase your SEO chances ! Just like desktop web pages, mobile page speed should also be fast to have a good ranking in the mobile sphere. Whether web or mobile development, we are here to build the best apps for your business. But have you thought of your brand ?

3/ The Reputation of your Brand is Primary in your SEO Strategy:

brand SEO strategy

Google gets a better picture of your authority in a particular field. You need to fill your web app with optimized content. Think about getting expertise in one discipline and adjust your keywords to serve your business purpose. Build trust and center on advertising to reach the maximum of users. Be a reference to people who are wandering through internet looking for specific services. It requires huge efforts to make your web app an attractive address for google crawlers to get. No worry!


Our SEO specialists, along with web and mobile developers, are committed to take care of your website to showcase the right products for the right clients. However, we shall give a note about GDPR as the new trending SEO technique.

4/ What’s GDPR?

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation. This technical term encompasses the protection of data in the European Union. This regulation stipulates that web apps owners should keep the security of the information of users. At steps, we highly value the privacy of our users’ information. Thus, we use secure platforms to guarantee the safety of data systems. We marry the art of data science to marketing to get an overview of clients. We use data analytics to grow profits in any business. So, don’t miss the new trends of SEO and rely on us to sketch an easy to use web and mobile app for you !

DATE: Apr 18, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam