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IT specialist outsourcing

We provide IT outsourcing services that help you professionally implement key technology projects.

 Our cooperation models include

Full-time IT specialists: The selected professional will be fully and exclusively occupied with your project. So, no recruitment troubles or administrative hassle for you.

Part-time IT specialists: depending on your project requirements, our staff will take care of the development of your project or will function as the technological support for your IT team.

Quality Assurance Services

With our testing services, we ensure that software is functional, reliable, user-friendly, and secure.
Our dedicated team of certified QA engineers will take all the QA burden off your shoulders by covering the whole scope of your QA needs. Adding to that, you will have full control over the delivered services.

We provide all types of testing for outsourcing

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Which model of outsourcing
is right for you?

Project-based model

The client fully delegates the entire project to a specialized outsourcing company.
After helping you with drafting the requirements, we will take full responsibility for the whole development process. We will be responsible also for team organization and management and quality control.

When project based model works best ?

Dedicated team

The client hires a development team to perform specific tasks. This model works best when the process demands specific skills your employees don’t have.

When to choose dedicated team model

Staff augmentation

The client expands his in-house team by outsourcing IT specialists. Usually a few specialist, not a complete team

When to choose staff augmentation model

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