Let’s Compare: Web vs. Native vs. Hybrid!

Let’s Compare: Web vs. Native vs. Hybrid!

In this article, we will tackle the three different types of mobile app development: web vs. native vs. hybrid. In fact, you need to know what type of mobile app development match best the needs of your business. Choosing the right option is crucial to ensure the success of your mobile strategy. This piece of writing will explain the different approaches to mobile development. We will expose the advantages and inconvenient of every method. Thus, you can have a bigger picture of what process suits your next mobile app. First, let’s grasp the definition of a web app.

1/ How Do We Build a Web App?

Web apps are hosted on web browsers. Just like native apps, users can use web apps on different devices such as desktops, Android phones, iPhones and tablets. With native apps, you need to install the app on the home screen of the device. However, users rely on a web view to profit from web apps. Building a web app is a piece of cake to code for developers. This will automatically affect their prices.

Thus, web apps are usually considered inexpensive in terms of costs. But these apps always require a web browser. Users won’t be satisfied with this last requirement. They can also be slow compared to other types of apps. As they may impact the working of other utilities in electronic devices, web apps can’t leverage device utilities. After assessing the pros and cons of web apps, let’s grasp the “native apps”!

2/ What about Native App Development?

Native apps are par excellence the most expensive type of mobile apps. But you may wonder why? Native apps are tailored apps that are built to solve specific business problems. In fact, native apps require specific platforms. These apps are written in the languages the platform accepts. Let’s say we use Swift and Objective-C for iOS apps. However, we will adopt Java or Kotlin are common for Android apps.

Compared to other apps, native apps are by far the fastest and the most responsive ones. They are distributed in distinct app stores such as Google Play and iOS App Store. These native apps don’t any internet connection. This reason makes them one of the most acclaimed apps in the mobile development sphere. This type of apps provide clients with great user experience. Since native apps can be the right choice for your business needs, our mobile developers will be happy to use their expertise to craft the best native app for you.

3/ Let’s have a look at Hybrid App Development:

As its name shows, hybrid app development combines native and web app. This type of mobile development encompasses two methods of app development. First, web developers start with the back-end code. Then, they resort to a native shell, which is downloadable. Thanks to this shell, our skilled IT specialists can load the code using a web view. Looking for a hybrid app, our mobile developers will be happy to put your thoughts into your reality and to build the best hybrid app for you.

In terms of costs, hybrid apps, just like web apps, are less expensive than native ones. This type of mobile development can work independently of web browsers. However, they are quite slower than native apps. We can also underline that hybrid apps cannot be customizable to individual platforms like native apps. Regardless of the app, you will be choosing for your business. Our mobile developers are here to help you select the best app to grow your profits.

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