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8 Benefits of Having a Website for Your Business

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Today, having a company website is as crucial as having a shop, office or telephone number. In a fierce market, you should be present on various online platforms to target your potential customers and satisfy their needs. According to the latest statistics, 6 out of 10 customers expect brands to have content online about their products/services. In an age marked by digital revolution, prospects want to make research and compare between different items before buying. If you operate a business which hasn’t taken that step yet, we provide you with 8 reasons to do it as soon as possible.

1/Online Credibility:

As a business planner, you should always be able to reach your customers wherever they are. Online presence is mandatory to keep your prospects updated concerning your new products and services. Having a website means customers are always able to find you anytime. Nowadays, customers are smart. They tend to compare and evaluate before buying. Thus, your website is their portal to check your activity and suggest their needs. Even outside of business hours, your website continues to find and secure new customers. If you don’t embark on this online adventure, you may be losing your customers for other competitors. It is never too late to join the online community. Choose one of our packages and let us develop your practical website just for you!

2/Customer Interaction:

A website can also be an effective means to ensure communication between businesses leaders and customers. Including practical information on your site can help your clients to easily collaborate with you for new business opportunities. A website can also facilitate enquiries from potential prospects. It also helps to welcome feedback from loyal customers to improve the existing services and opt for better quality products. You can even upload promotional videos to really engage your customers and sell your business in an effective and cost efficient way.

3/An Avant-gout of your Business:

A user-friendly website reflects a great image of your work. When they land on their page, your clients should find useful information to get to know your business. Living a positive experience on your site, clients will be convinced to discover more your work and dig deep in all areas of your business.

4/Cost Cutting:

In addition to indicating information, your website can be an effective means to sell goods and services. You can also post regularly promotional offers to seduce consumers. Using your website as a marketing method will spare you remarkable costs such as staff wages and several utilities. Having an internal website can save you a lot of time as everything you need is in one place and can be accessed at any time. In few words, your website will be your important business asset. Start now developing your new business site using one of our packages !

5/ Market Expansion:

Thanks to your professional website, you will be able to break through geographical barriers. Seeing the power of internet, you will be able to reach customers worldwide. Everyone who is looking for services/products in your field of expertise can stumble on your website. Thus, he/she is now a potential customer.

6/ Consumer Insights:

Your website will also give you indications on your customers’ buying behaviour. The site’s analytical tools are there to help you find your typical client. This online roadmap will assist you to improve your business and adapt your marketing techniques to the needs of your clients. Your site can be an innovative platform to start advertising for your products.


SEO and online advertising are a great way to help build up awareness, if it’s done correctly traffic to your website can see an increase. Be the first company that a potential new customer sees when searching for a specific product or service online, and use your website’s contact page or e-commerce features to make purchasing a product or finding a retail outlet easier than ever before.

8/ Growth Opportunity:

In addition to customers, your website can also attract potential investors to collaborate with you on your business projects. This will help boost your Customer Relationships Management in the long run. Anyone interested in your field of expertise will be referred to your site as a first encounter. It shows what your company is about, what it has achieved and what it can achieve in the future.

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DATE: Oct 11, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

It is Time to Craft a Responsive Website for your Brand!

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Responsive website design is invading the IT market and seducing brands to turn to the mobile world. But first what do we mean by responsive website design? This term refers to the fact of having one website with different elements that respond differently when viewed on devices of various sizes.

More people are using mobile devices … It is a fact. Consequently, focusing on marketing via mobile devices is no longer an option, but rather a compulsory choice. Google, itself, is taking serious measures to incite its algorithms to penalize sites which are not using responsive design.

Advantages of responsive website design

Nowadays, consumers are not using mobile devices to only browse the internet. They resort to their smartphones to look for business opportunities or choose new products. Thus, you need to prepare your mobile application to welcome any prospects who may stumble by your brand while surfing on their smartphones. Polls show that 72% of all people will prefer a brand that has a website that is optimized for mobile traffic. That figure is likely higher with professional companies looking for another service provider. Business leaders have long departed from their traditional image of bossy men sitting behind their desks. They are now seeking any business opportunity even in their smartphones.

For these reasons, you need to adjust your brand to these changes. You need to rely on our expertise to make sure that your clients can read important information on the mobile version of your website. Have you ever used your smartphone to browse a website that is poorly optimized for mobile traffic? It can be extremely frustrating. The biggest complaint is that visitors won’t be able to read the content on the site. Over 60% of them will click the back button and never return. They will not give your site a second chance when they come back to their desktop. Seeing the emergency of turning to mobile development, you better start investing in responsive design. It will pay amazing dividends in the months and years to come. Launch your first mobile app with us on: steps.tn

DATE: Sep 17, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam