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Boost Your Business with Mobile App Development

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Do you want to boost your business with mobile app development ? However, you don’t know how to do it. We are here to help you achieve this goal. Learn how to make mobile app development your new ally to run your business like a pro. Add value to smartphones and make a great asset to increase your profits, not just for calling and messaging.

boost-business-mobile-appThe world is getting more and more digitalized. Thus, people are more keen on using web apps to enjoy online services, instead of traditional techniques. Consequently, you need to grasp the new advantages of mobile development to attract more users.

Deep down, you may this that mobile app development is an extra investment that you should postpone to later phases.

In the following lines, we will show you that app development should be on your priority list. First, it will help you …

1/ Provide Value to Customers:

A mobile application is the perfect tool to grant a personalized experience to users. Within a blink of an eye, they can get access to the app and upload their opinions. When customers feel appreciated and valued, they will be tempted to follow your updates and recommend your goods. Your clients will thank you for building a trendy app for them. With our mobile app development department, we are the skilled team you are looking for to impress your clients. Building an app will also provide you with a competitive edge over stakeholders in the market. Having a mobile app can also help you to build a rewarding approach for loyal clients.

2/ Build a Loyalty System:

Your best asset is the loyalty of your clients. You need to valorize these precious people. What better than having a loyalty program embedded in your app? Actively using their apps to get to buy and discover goods online, you can reward the most engaging users. When they encounter such types of programs, users will be quite competitive and provide you with instant feedback to improve mobile app development. This competitive edge will also impact the user experience. Does this last point help to you to build a comprehensive view of your brand?

3/ Enhance your Brand with Mobile Apps:

Not everyone is keen on using desktops to follow their brands. On the contrary, people prefer the easiest shortcut to visualize and buy goods. Thus, they take their smartphones and rely on mobile apps to choose and make decisions. You need to build a comprehensive view of your brand to please buyers. In addiction to having a mobile optimized website, you need to build a user-friendly mobile app. Within a very competitive marketplace, give the chance to your clients to have a great user experience. With these ingredients on set, they won’t have a room to complain about your brand. In addition to this, you can also increase your profits with mobile apps !

4/ Increase Sales:

The customer satisfaction and sales bounds together – as the customer satisfaction will grow, sales will also follow. When your clients get access to a responsive and SEO optimized mobile app, they will be tempted to carry on their experience with your web app. Thus, we will have a low bounce rate, and this is for the benefit of your web pages. In fact, customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with customer demand. A happy client won’t hesitate to discover your new offers and promotions available on your mobile app.

Feeling tempted to start your mobile journey? Contact us now on steps !

DATE: Jul 2, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Discover the 7 Web Development Trends of 2019 !

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2019 is offering us 7 new web development trends. As a Tunisian web development company, we cover and dig deep into the prevailing trends of the market. Today, we are tempted to share with you the latest technologies. We will discover together the most in-demand languages and frameworks. We will help you to build your new trendy web or mobile app. First, let us start with the impact of artificial intelligence on the field !

1/ Artificial Intelligence:

You have certainly heard of this term before! But what do we mean by it ? In fact, we define artificial intelligence as a type of intelligence displayed by machines, mainly computers and robots. This process mimics human intelligence in order to fulfill cognitive tasks. By this, we offer better analytical solutions to our clients, and we grant them a magnificent user experience. We bet you also heard about AI chatbots and virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. These innovations bring human touch to web and mobile apps and fosters instant interaction with users. While artificial intelligence enhances the empathy of apps, JavaScript is also ranked as a persistent web development trend in 2019.

2/ JavaScript:

By far, we do confirm that JavaScript still seduces web developers all over the world. This language is constantly evolving and bringing new solutions to developers. As IT experts, we witness the evolution of its frameworks, libraries, and designs for the past years. Thus, it gives the market new opportunities to satisfy business needs, and most importantly the growing expectations of demanding clients. Don’t miss this most sought-after web development programming language. Rely on us to build your app with the best on the market ! But have you recently met the term ” Progressive web app” ?

3/ What’s Progressive Web App ?

Progressive web apps will be your new goldmine for 2019. We can tell you these apps are similar to regular web pages. However, they are way better in terms of functionality. Forget about the network state and the browser ! These apps are built with progressive enhancement. Thus, they work regardless of the features cited above. PWA focuses essentially  on the content of the core web page. Thanks to these advantages, these web apps grant a great user experience for clients. Let’s now compare it to single page application !

4/ Single Page Application:

We bet that single page application is the rock star of 2019. These web applications are mainly built with JavaScript. They boost performance. With this processing, we won’t have frequent interruptions due to page loading. Single page application  respond to navigation actions without creating a request to fetch new HTML from the server side. Along with progressive web app, single page application is highly applauded as the sought-after 2019 web development trend. We will also look into mobile friendly websites !

5/ Mobile-Friendly Website:

Today, you need to have a mobile friendly website ! This fact is out of discussion. These websites adjust themselves to all types of screen sizes and devices. We center mainly on touch controls with mobile friendly websites. Thus, we can have quicker navigation and better user experience. Websites, with mobile friendly features, reduce data entry and grant better functionalities. Thanks to the proliferation of highly functional smartphones, we are witnessing a huge shift from web development to a growing pace of mobile app development.

You want to be in top of web development agencies? Then, you need to have mobile friendly website. In fact, Google itself built a mobile optimized search. By this, Google employees want to give smartphone users an excellent user experience. Regardless of the device they are using, your clients should enjoy your next mobile friendly website. This can be further enhanced by our next 2019 web development trend.

6/ Motion UI/UX Design:

Again, Motion UI design is marking this year. As users, we love trendy graphics and fantastic dynamic designs. This fact impacts website usability. During the web development phases, developers make sure to include motion UI to attract users and ensure a remarkable user experience. On your website, people should identify with what you are offering them. They need to see a catchy visual story. Rely on our creative team to concoct the best story for your web app. Now, let’s get more into the technical sphere and talk about our next web development trend.

7/ Blockchain Technology:

blockchain is a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers. This new technology is getting more and more famous, as it grants a secure design and a decentralized consensus. We can list some advantages of blockchain technology. It cuts financial costs and improves cash frequencies. In fact, it is also quite useful to improve cash flow backed up by transparent records/data.

After going through our seven 2019 web development trends, isn’t time to keep up with the trends and let us build for you your next trendy web app !








DATE: Jun 10, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

iOS vs Android : What Platform best Suits your Mobile App?

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You want to know what platform (iOS and Android) suits your mobile app? You have set your business plan. Now, you think that developing an app is the next revolutionizing step for your brand. However, some thoughts still trigger your mind. How do you decide which platform is right for your product? There is one obvious question for this question. In fact, iOS and Android own 97 percent of the global mobile market share. Thus, this fact makes them the most eligible platforms that you need to consider for mobile app development. Steps helps you to choose the right approach to build and launch your mobile app. Now, we will be comparing both iOS and Android platforms in terms of audience, revenues, timeline, and budget. Consequently, you will a better vision of what to choose for your business. We will start with your audience.

1/ Think about your Audience:

Your audience is there just waiting for you to launch your mobile app. However, you need to address them using the right channel and the best platform. First, you need to define what end goal your app aims to achieve. Whether an Android or iOS platform, it should align your business model. Although Android has the greatest global market share and gets more app downloads than iOS, you shouldn’t ignore iPhone fans. In fact, iOS users reveal higher engagement rates. They spend more time on their apps, and they purchase more in-apps. So, now let’s compare the number of downloads for each app store.

This comparison highly testifies to the huge gap between the number of apps downloads in Google Play and App store. This fact shouldn’t fool you about your audience. If you are targeting low-income employees and a bigger share on the global market, you should opt for an Android app. However, think about iOS mobile development to attract users with higher income and education. All depends on the business model of your mobile app. Your mobile app will bring you revenue and profits. So, take your time to set your goals.

2/ What about your Mobile App Revenue ?

Seeing the status of users who use it, iOS apps will obviously make you more money. Despite its few downloads and users, the App Store generates more revenues than Google Play Store. Although the Google Play Store witnessed an increase of 27.3 percent in consumer spend year-over-year, iOS platform is by far the most lucrative one.

If you want to make much money out of your mobile app, iOS apps are your first option. However, you will get much more users through Android mobile app development. Regardless of the platform you will choose, Steps developers will rely on their app development skills to craft you “must-have” app. To make the right decision, put in mind your project timeline.

3/ Check your Project Timeline :

Comparing between iOS and Android platforms? Developing for Android generally takes more time. In fact, developers need longer release cycles and device fragmentation. Due to its popularity, Android has much more screen sizes and OS version running. Thus, IT specialists should adjust the coding to your app. Although iOS mobile development was standardized for many years, the introduction of iPhone X series and UI constraints are making it more difficult for developers to develop it.

When you think about App stores, what thoughts come first to mind? The App store is known for its strict regulations and good quality products. Although the development phase may take less time than Android apps, it isn’t sure that they will approve easily of your product. After knowing  about the importance of your project timeline, we will move to another crucial element which is definitely your budget !

4/ Don’t Overlook the Constraints of Budget :

The budget reveals a lot about the scope and complexity of projects. When we compare iOS and Android platforms, nothing indicates that one is more expensive than the other. As we have already said before, all depends on what you aim by building your new mobile app. If you want to cover numerous devices, developers will spend much time and resources. However, if you want an equal number of devices on both platforms, the cost of building apps will not vary much. Now, you have all the ingredients at hand and I guess you will be able to make your decision !

5/  Make your Decision :

Looking into different elements, you are able to know what will best work for your business. If you target higher income users, and monetized apps, go for iOS mobile development first. However, if you look for a global larger market, Android apps will be your best allies. Regardless of your decision, our developers are ready to build your new trendy mobile app.

DATE: Apr 24, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Adopt a Responsive Design for a Better SEO!

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Don’t forget to have a responsive design to improve your SEO. At Steps, we highly value giving users a great user experience. Here, we will provide you with some shortcuts to increase your web app SEO and grant clients an enjoyable digital trip. The first thing to consider is excellent web responsiveness. But what do we mean by responsive web app? We aim at crafting sites with an optimal viewing experience for users. This process requires a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling. Let’s look now at other features that will certainly increase your SEO techniques for 2019. First, we will grasp the mobile first indexing.

1/ Check the Mobile First Indexing:

Following the mobile revolution, Google has started to index web apps based on their mobile versions of web pages. Since March 2018, Google has insisted on the process of migrating sites to mobile-first index. Thus, when the migration of the site is performed, Google will take into consideration the mobile version. Consequently, you should build a user-friendly web app highly optimized in terms of mobile development. At steps, we build Android and iOS mobile apps that satisfy your business needs. With this in mind, you can no longer overlook developing a great mobile app that will delight both users and Google. This will lead us to the next SEO trend in 2019 !

2/ Keep in Mind the Page Speed:

One of the most persistent features that Google penalizes is page speed. Thus, our web developers will be glad to integrate an optimized web template to grant clients a magnificent user experience. This will automatically increase your SEO chances ! Just like desktop web pages, mobile page speed should also be fast to have a good ranking in the mobile sphere. Whether web or mobile development, we are here to build the best apps for your business. But have you thought of your brand ?

3/ The Reputation of your Brand is Primary in your SEO Strategy:

brand SEO strategy

Google gets a better picture of your authority in a particular field. You need to fill your web app with optimized content. Think about getting expertise in one discipline and adjust your keywords to serve your business purpose. Build trust and center on advertising to reach the maximum of users. Be a reference to people who are wandering through internet looking for specific services. It requires huge efforts to make your web app an attractive address for google crawlers to get. No worry!


Our SEO specialists, along with web and mobile developers, are committed to take care of your website to showcase the right products for the right clients. However, we shall give a note about GDPR as the new trending SEO technique.

4/ What’s GDPR?

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation. This technical term encompasses the protection of data in the European Union. This regulation stipulates that web apps owners should keep the security of the information of users. At steps, we highly value the privacy of our users’ information. Thus, we use secure platforms to guarantee the safety of data systems. We marry the art of data science to marketing to get an overview of clients. We use data analytics to grow profits in any business. So, don’t miss the new trends of SEO and rely on us to sketch an easy to use web and mobile app for you !

DATE: Apr 18, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Best Practices to Ensure Long Term Success for Your App

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You are sitting there in your corner. Suddenly, one idea sparks in your mind. You want to concretize it? At Steps, that’s what we do. Our committed developers invest their skills to launch your application. Thus, we define practices to ensure success for your Application. Our creative geeks will make you reach your customers and followers wherever you are. By developing your own mobile app, you depart from the classical mindset of a boss sitting behind his desk. You are able to listen to your prospects and interact with them on daily basis.

However, one may wonder about an app longevity. Many developers yearn for this quality. But few succeed to achieve this objective. In this article, we will be providing you with some tips to boost the use of your mobile application.

1/ Create Apps that Your Users Will Always Need:

While developing mobile apps, business leaders tend to prioritize their preferences and overlook their prospects’ needs. Most of the time, they fall prey to their whims and personal judgments. Unfortunately, they end up with an app that only they like. However, a mobile app, like any revolutionizing product, should address one problem to solve it. Your mobile application needs to meet the expectations of the users. It should speak to them and alleviate their discomfort.

2/Opt for Apps with an Excellent UI/UX Design:

In a world overwhelmed by social networks, your target audience can easily be tempted to dismiss using your app to move to another application offering the same services. Seeing this fierce competition, your application should stand out in terms of web design and the quality of services presented. Any app that you build, if you want it to really have a long-lasting audience, should be able to provide people with what they need and want.

To be in line with your customers’ needs, you should elaborate a clear plan and research following their preferences. This research would be able to provide you with great preliminary insights such as your possible competitors and your target audience. Use malice and try to succeed in issues that your main competitors failed in.

2/Interact with your Customers:

Communicating with your prospects contributes to the blossoming of your branding. You should always be ready to answer a question, add a recommendation and interact with your prospects. This is because it really shows how dedicated you are to serving your clients. The feedback you receive can also be used for analytics as well, which would only ever be valuable for addressing issues and improving your app overall.

3/ Keep a Consistent Flow of Updates:

Following this piece of advice, you are telling your customers that your app is really improving. Thanks to updates, you will be able to compare between the different changes you have uploaded to your mobile app. You can also add other shifts to even improve your app. Couple this with techniques that raise user engagement and retention, then you pretty much have a great formula for ensuring that your app remains relevant in its field and category.

Like any business, it takes a proactive and open mindset to ensure that your app would be able to adapt to changing trends.

DATE: Oct 4, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Design Tips that can Improve your E-Reputation

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Everyone needs to know design tips to improve E-Reputation, In fact, A professional website remains your portal to gain new customers and foster client relationships. Your internet business window is your path to establish credibility among your sector and target audience. An effective website must provide a steady flow of targeted leads and a user-friendly experience. It is a tool to increase ongoing sales and bring more business traffic. To guarantee these objectives, the developers and designers in charge of the website should adopt a customer-centered approach and data-based decisions. Considering the complexity of such a fact, we will provide you with some useful tips to improve your e-reputation and your website traffic.

1/A Growth-Driven Web Design Strategy:

Conducting a consistent research on the objectives and motives of your website is a seminal step to start your work. Without a proper and effective web design project plan, you’ll probably end up burning a lot of time and so much in your budget. Take your time to draw the guidelines of your online project. Otherwise, you may end with an undesirable website that you can’t manage. Unfortunately, this may lead to a negative impression on your connected target. It also goes without saying that you should avoid extravagant budgets and complicated designs. To ensure this, you should use …

2/A professional Team:

Due to budget constraints, you may be opting for the cheapest option in terms of web development and design. However, resorting to inexperienced and unprofessional interns can tremendously harm your e-reputation.

Building website requires a range of expert-level skills including search engine optimization, quality assurance testing, database implementation, programming, marketing, copywriting, user-experience optimization, branding, graphic design, web design among other technical skills to make it work. At Steps, we provide this and more. Our skilled IT engineers are mobilized to make your website the hub of your business with aesthetically designed creations and highly structured programs. Our professional team will also help you to adopt a reliable domain.

3/A Reliable Domain Name and Hosting Service:

Among the first things, you need to do before even thinking of launching a website are finding a domain name that uniquely identifies your brand to your readers and a hosting platform to keep the website afloat, both of which are billed. To have the right to use a domain name, website owners should make yearly payments to their domain registrars. Be careful to frequently renew your domain, because you may run the risk of having it expired. Once done, another company can scoop it and sell it back to you with exorbitant price. Content is also another fact to consider for the success of your online website.

4/ Relevant Quality Content:

Producing regular quality content is quintessential for your website to figure on top ranking. A remarkable content is important to have a sustainable Search Engine Optimization. A skilled copywriter may make your website stand out on internet and bring much more online traffic and attract more curious visitors. Such search engines as Google strive to provide users with relevant and useful content. Publishing interesting and well-structured posts that captivate readers while providing real value tends to place websites ahead of their competition.

5/ Simple Design:

When it comes to web design, the rule to follow is utter simplicity! Customers are flooded with dozens of online advertisements every day.  Your website should be designed in a simple fashion to make your clients’ online experience more enjoyable and practical. This ascertainment will bring high conversion rate to your platform. Great designs are the pillar of high engagement. A simple design can lead to brilliant results in on page performance factors.

6/ On-Page Performance Factors:

Prior to developing your website, there are several on-page factors worth considering. For one, page loading speed can greatly influence a person’s decision to stay on a page. Online audiences are very demanding. A site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load can discourage a user leading to a high bounce rate. This fact can damage the user’s experience and guarantee a never coming back on the pages of the website. To avoid this misfortune, you should include testimonials.

7/ Testimonials and Customer Reviews:

In a very competitive business world, your website should ensure your prospects. A way to do this is to tell them stories about prior clients. Show your prospective clients the results others have achieved using your product/service. To have a continuous flow of leads on your website, you should work on

 8/ Web Maintenance:

Just like cars, websites need a regular maintenance to operate perfectly. Proper maintenance helps in boosting site traffic, increasing the number of site visitors, ensuring site security and more. Your website is an available portal for your customers. It gives them a first impression on the products/services you present. Your website is one worldwide window into your business that has a great impact on the products and/or services you offer. And because the internet is a public place, your website is an easy target for vicious cyber security threats.

At Steps, we work endlessly to ensure that you have a web maintenance plan and everything else you might require for all of your website maintenance needs. It’s not enough to just set up the website — there’s still the need to keep your visitors engaged and interested in what you do. The overall website design remains a crucial factor when it comes to improving conversion rates.

Trust us to make marvelous designs out of your idea and launch your professional website in secure methods. Contact us on:steps.tn 

DATE: Sep 28, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Make your Website the Hub of your Business !

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Every business needs a dynamic and aesthetically effective website. However, many entrepreneurs still overlook this fact. Managers do not invest that much in updating their business websites to the needs of the market. As an investor, you need to know that your website is today the hub of your business. It will help you improve your offer. It will bring a significant contribution to your marketing efforts. In this article, we will list for your some of the seminal steps you should undergo to enhance your busines.

First, let us start by:

1/ The Creation of the Best Site:

As a starting point, your business website should follow the basic guidelines of website creation. It should also be accessible to your customers worldwide. In other terms, your website is the first encounter of your clients with your newly emerging business. Thus, it should be professional and convey a positive representation of your work.

Thanks to an array of templates offered by internet, you may create a smart-looking site using a cheap website builder. However, you will be fooling your customers. To gain a competitive edge and make a serious impression in your sector, you should rely on a professional design team. Our skilled designers will be glad to bring their expertise to your new site.  Our creative designers can also maintain the site and update it for you based on your personal commands.

2/ Search Engine Optimization:

In addition to a functional site, you need to pay remarkable attention to Search Engine Optimization. In fact, there are basic requirements for all website to make favorable to search engine algorithms. We talk about the optimal and effective use of keywords and high-quality content. In addition to these variables, a website also needs incoming and outgoing links to figure on top positions within search queries.

3/ Making your Site Mobile Friendly:

During the creation process, you should ensure that your site has been optimized for mobile devices. Check that your pages look and function on smartphones. This is essential to guarantee a comfortable searching experience for your customers on their mobile phones. The use of mobile devices to make purchases and enquiries is still on the rise. Consequently, your business site should be user-friendly for your clines in both form and function.

Let our IT engineers work on the site information to make it more visually appealing and easier to engage with on a small screen. However, you should always offer the option of allowing users to access the main site, as some will prefer to use the system they are familiar with rather than the app version.

Following these steps, you are armored with the best tools to compete with other marketers and guarantee yourself a better positioning in the market, along with larger profits. The best approach is to concentrate on making your website as effective as possible and use the highest quality services for support and advice. Trust us to make your website the hub of your business.

DATE: Sep 19, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

It is Time to Craft a Responsive Website for your Brand!

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Responsive website design is invading the IT market and seducing brands to turn to the mobile world. But first what do we mean by responsive website design? This term refers to the fact of having one website with different elements that respond differently when viewed on devices of various sizes.

More people are using mobile devices … It is a fact. Consequently, focusing on marketing via mobile devices is no longer an option, but rather a compulsory choice. Google, itself, is taking serious measures to incite its algorithms to penalize sites which are not using responsive design.

Advantages of responsive website design

Nowadays, consumers are not using mobile devices to only browse the internet. They resort to their smartphones to look for business opportunities or choose new products. Thus, you need to prepare your mobile application to welcome any prospects who may stumble by your brand while surfing on their smartphones. Polls show that 72% of all people will prefer a brand that has a website that is optimized for mobile traffic. That figure is likely higher with professional companies looking for another service provider. Business leaders have long departed from their traditional image of bossy men sitting behind their desks. They are now seeking any business opportunity even in their smartphones.

For these reasons, you need to adjust your brand to these changes. You need to rely on our expertise to make sure that your clients can read important information on the mobile version of your website. Have you ever used your smartphone to browse a website that is poorly optimized for mobile traffic? It can be extremely frustrating. The biggest complaint is that visitors won’t be able to read the content on the site. Over 60% of them will click the back button and never return. They will not give your site a second chance when they come back to their desktop. Seeing the emergency of turning to mobile development, you better start investing in responsive design. It will pay amazing dividends in the months and years to come. Launch your first mobile app with us on: steps.tn

DATE: Sep 17, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam