Discover Top Mobile Development Trends of 2019 !

We are all looking for the top mobile app development trends of 2019. Mobile apps have altered our lives in such a terrific way. As an internet, you have at least installed one mobile app on your phone and used it. Indeed, we are constantly hooked to our phones in search for new fashion trends and efficient low cost products. Thus, you should know about the new trends that are shaping the mobile development world. First, let us start by AR/VR tendency.

1/ The era of AR/VR has just Started:

You certainly have heard of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality ! Both terms refer to computer-generated simulations. Thus, you will have the impression that you are integrated in the real world. These new technologies are mostly used in gaming. However, the big giants of the market Google and Apple started to include AR/VR in their devices. Consequently, we are targeting in this new era  potential customers through ‘Beyond The Screens’ AR/VR apps. But what about mobile-connected smart objects ?

2/ Profit from the New Age of Mobile-Connected Smart Objects:

IoT and mobile development

Have you ever heard of IoT ? The new connected devices refer to the Internet of Objects. This latter includes a network of physical objects encompassed in sensors and electronic devices. This type of software is directly related to the primary network. Many brands sensed the advantages of using such a network. Samsung, Xiaomi, Bosch adopted this new technology and embraced it in mobile development. Future seems quite bright for IoT app development, as it its market is estimated to generate $1.335 trillion US dollars in revenue by the year 2020. Don’t miss none of the positive impacts of this technology and let us develop for you the most-applauded user-friendly mobile app. Did I forget artificial intelligence and machine learning ?

3/ Rely on the Magic of AI and Machine Learning:

Artificial Intelligence is a discipline of computer science which stipulates the establishment of intelligent machines with human-like tasks. This fact includes the implementation of chatbots. We build mobile apps that combine both artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our mobile development team helps you to cut costs and increase revenues with the use of trendy and efficient apps.

We cannot talk about mobile app development without the listing the advantages of machine learning. Since human capacity is limited, it is quite essential to couple with machine learning techniques. This will save us much time and grant us more money just like the reliance on Beacons.

4/ Beacons – the Market Worth Millions!

You still don’t profit from the power of beacons ? Give your users better location and proximity experiences. Provide them with a strong context signal for their devices in the form of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons with Eddy stone, the open beacon format from Google.

The mobile development industry relies heavily on these new transmitters to grant a better user experience for clients. Museums, hotels and healthcare providers include Beacons technology in their mobile apps to reach users. In fact, Beacons, combined with IoT, can help users to get insightful information about sales, in line with significant promos. Thus, you shouldn’t overlook the growing impact of beacons on the services sector. We were not blind to this innovatory technology. Thrilled to launch your next mobile app, we will be aware of the need to include Beacons technology. Visit us on : steps.tn

DATE: Apr 10, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam
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