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Adopt a Responsive Design for a Better SEO!

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Don’t forget to have a responsive design to improve your SEO. At Steps, we highly value giving users a great user experience. Here, we will provide you with some shortcuts to increase your web app SEO and grant clients an enjoyable digital trip. The first thing to consider is excellent web responsiveness. But what do we mean by responsive web app? We aim at crafting sites with an optimal viewing experience for users. This process requires a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling. Let’s look now at other features that will certainly increase your SEO techniques for 2019. First, we will grasp the mobile first indexing.

1/ Check the Mobile First Indexing:

Following the mobile revolution, Google has started to index web apps based on their mobile versions of web pages. Since March 2018, Google has insisted on the process of migrating sites to mobile-first index. Thus, when the migration of the site is performed, Google will take into consideration the mobile version. Consequently, you should build a user-friendly web app highly optimized in terms of mobile development. At steps, we build Android and iOS mobile apps that satisfy your business needs. With this in mind, you can no longer overlook developing a great mobile app that will delight both users and Google. This will lead us to the next SEO trend in 2019 !

2/ Keep in Mind the Page Speed:

One of the most persistent features that Google penalizes is page speed. Thus, our web developers will be glad to integrate an optimized web template to grant clients a magnificent user experience. This will automatically increase your SEO chances ! Just like desktop web pages, mobile page speed should also be fast to have a good ranking in the mobile sphere. Whether web or mobile development, we are here to build the best apps for your business. But have you thought of your brand ?

3/ The Reputation of your Brand is Primary in your SEO Strategy:

brand SEO strategy

Google gets a better picture of your authority in a particular field. You need to fill your web app with optimized content. Think about getting expertise in one discipline and adjust your keywords to serve your business purpose. Build trust and center on advertising to reach the maximum of users. Be a reference to people who are wandering through internet looking for specific services. It requires huge efforts to make your web app an attractive address for google crawlers to get. No worry!


Our SEO specialists, along with web and mobile developers, are committed to take care of your website to showcase the right products for the right clients. However, we shall give a note about GDPR as the new trending SEO technique.

4/ What’s GDPR?

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation. This technical term encompasses the protection of data in the European Union. This regulation stipulates that web apps owners should keep the security of the information of users. At steps, we highly value the privacy of our users’ information. Thus, we use secure platforms to guarantee the safety of data systems. We marry the art of data science to marketing to get an overview of clients. We use data analytics to grow profits in any business. So, don’t miss the new trends of SEO and rely on us to sketch an easy to use web and mobile app for you !

DATE: Apr 18, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

8 Tips for a Better Web App !

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Have you ever thought of the web development mistakes you may be doing ? You know that developing a trendy web app for your business is necessary today. You want an outstanding webiste to attract your potential prospects. So, you opt for building your online business identity by yourself. Here, we will provide you with the 8 mistakes that you should be avoiding for optimized business results. The first wrong step not to do is rely on non-professionals to make your web app.

 1 / Don’t Build your Web App Yourself :

WordPress, Wix, Squarespace – these website-building software all claim to be super easy to use, when in reality they’re not. For cost-cutting reasons, people may resort to amateur teams to set their business web apps. They can combine some flattering images with cheap templates. Your web app will give your clients a first impression. Thus, you need to give them the best optimized version of your website. Our web and mobile developers will be happy to concoct for you the “must-have” online platform for your work. However, don’t forget about the right domain name !

2/ Avoid Having a Confusing Domain Name :

The domain name is your digital identity. Make it easy for your clients to find. Put ahead the core messages of your business in your domain name. We estimate today that there are more than 700 billion websites today. Thus, finding the right website won’t be a piece of cake for busy users.

3/ Forget about Sophisticated Design :

In an ever-evolving world, we talk today about user-friendly apps. Web and mobile apps should grant a great user experience for people. Thus, you should adopt a minimalist approach. The design of the web app must go in line with functionalities. Users should not be mislead when they go on your web app. They need to have pretty templates, yet with all the necessary buttons and functions to satisfy their needs.

4/ Opt for Scalable Web Apps :


Many users are today hooked on their smartphones to log in Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity to provide their with a great mobile app. Whether on their desktops or their phones, you should develop apps with readable texts and high resolution images.

Let us build for you the best scalable web app which adjusts to different screen sizes and distinct electronic devices. But what about SSL?


5/ Adopt a Good SSL :

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security protocol in the web industry. It establishes encrypted links between a web server and a browser within an online interaction. SSL is quite useful in securing data security. In fact, it ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and browser remains safe. You need to think twice about a secure SSL. This will add more credibility to your web app. Users will be more tempted to look for information on your online platform. But is this enough ? Don’t forget about Search Engine Optimization.

6/ Look for SEO Tools :

SEO web optimization

When you think about building a web app, you should take into consideration the most viewed search engines like Google. Produce web content that adds value to your clients.Have that authentic web app that will make visitors want to come again.

Watch out the use of key words and choose carefully your backlinks. Never underestimate the power of search engines in making you reach the maximum of users.

7/ Put Emphasis on Contact Information: 

When users come to visit your web app, they are certainly looking for something. Lead them to what they want. Make neat clear pages. Be a pionneer in the IT industry for consumers. Have that user-centered app and let your clients enjoy a magnificent online journey. Let us launch for you that great web app that will delight both your users and the different search engines.

8/ Integrate Social Media Networks:

No one today can deny the huge role played by social networks in increasing customer loyalty. It is a milestone in inbound marketing. It keeps your clients updated about your newest projects and services. Lean a communication channel for customers who are thirsty for updates and social networks. Develop with us web and mobile apps that will satisfy both Google and users. Reach us on steps.

DATE: Apr 11, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

The 4 Emerging Trends of Data Mining

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Data mining assists business companies to gather information from a number of sources. So, we shall take a look at some important emerging trends of data mining. Indeed, this will ensue the cleansing of raw data. Other algorithms and techniques come into play to extract the right business insights. These reports contribute to the increasing of sales and customers loyalty. Thanks to data mining, marketers can predict market trends and anticipate well-grounded marketing campaigns. In addition, every client should be treated as a unique piece of art who has different buying choices. Just like your products,  every consumer has stories to tell. In fact, they are looking for original experiences, while searching for your services online.

Data science processes assists marketers and entrepreneurs to engage in a variety of business tools. This fact will help entrepreneurs to catch up with the novelties of the market. All along this article, we will be enumerating the fields in which data mining is bringing much value.

1/A New Protagonist in Multimedia:

We see a significant growing of social networks. Visual data is getting more and more ungraspable. Think about marvellous videos on Youtube. In addition, users watch roughly 500 million hours of video on this famous online platform. Also, this content is shared in enormous rate in very short intervals of time. Following the latest statistics, 92% of mobile video viewers share their own personal productions with others. Consequently, data mining emerges as an adequate process to delve into this content. It is quite helpful to to assess the behaviours of customers and prepare the next marketing step to appeal to the maximum of users.

2/ Mobile Data Mining:

When we study the IT archives for the last decade, we are faced with this statement: we should pay more attention to mobile marketing. We need to stop solely focusing on promoting business websites. Mobile data mining is the new policy to implement in companies not to miss any business opportunity.

3/Location-Based Data Mining:

A lot of data stored in different locations. Here, we are faced with a quite complex business case to solve. For security issues, companies may choose to store information at different locations. Thanks to location-based data mining, analysts can track the necessary data in the right spot. Regardless of the location, data miners resort to the adequate techniques to mine information. For marketers who are looking for data insights, data mining is their ally to extract data from sources based on location. Now, let’s have a hint on artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the new trendy term that is marking 2018. AI produces remarkable amounts of data. Data mining, thus, will be used to dive into this goldmine. We shall establish resourceful information to orient new business trends. We can use AI to gather and process data. In fact, 47% of digitally mature companies have defined their artificial intelligence strategy. Others, more enthusiastic about this new trend, feel that AI is the biggest marketing trend.

4/ Time to Invest in Data Science:

Data analytics positions itself as the new game changer of business. Insights issued of data mining are regularly used by business analysts and marketers. Thus, 2018 is not going to be any different. Trust the professionalism of our data analysts. Reach us via steps.

DATE: Sep 7, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Data Analytics is a Must in Today’s Business!

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Data Analytics is a must in business today. In fact, Remarkable industries are increasingly relying on data analytics. This will help them to get better business insights. Thus, marketers can anticipate clients’ needs. We were all amazed by the success stories of data analysis based business such as Uber and Amazon. These giants of the market have tried to transform themselves into insight-driven organizations. Aware of the impact of data analytics on growing sales, many leading corporations are relying on data analysts to meet their business expectations.

1/ How can data analytics be useful for your own company?

As a definition, data science allows managers to convert unstructured data into a comprehensive format for various customers. In fact, the converted details can be employed to cleanse, convert, or model data. This process will pave the way to a a better decision-making within the company.  Data analytics is quite useful for newly emerging companies or startups. At Steps, we love taking care of our clients’ data.  In addition, this technique assists business leaders to digitize their work. We alter the already existing business model for a more productive one.

2/ Data Analytics is a Business Model for more Productivity:

In fact, you need to implement data analytics in your company for a number of reasons. Want to catch up with the ever evolving business tendencies ? Data analytics is your crucial weapon to be in line with the upcoming changes. It is worth noting that data science focuses on new value propositions with an experimental edge. Thus, your company will have a competitor advantage over other stakeholders. No one can deny this truth: business is becoming more and more data dependent. Following this phase, the significance of data analytics as a prime decision-making technology will further increase. How can data analytics help you grow your traffic ?

3/ Data Science Can Help you Grow Profits:

Regardless of the industry, data mining can help you to detect fraudulant activities. Grasping huge amounts of customer data will give you an overview of your most loyal customers. It can also give you a glimpse of suspicious behaviours. By implementing data analytics algorithms, you can guarantee a better work flow. Consequently, you cannot overlook the paramount added value of data analytics on your business. Its impact is quite obvious in the banking sector and the health industry. Let us tell you more about our data intelligence project.

4/ Data Analytics Impacts the Water Industry:

At steps, we adjusted mainly  to the water utility providers. In fact, our data miners use data analytics processes to provide notifications about water loss. They coordinate with technical teams to prevent water leakages and signal any suspicious consumption of hydraulic resources. We collaborate with more than 167 clients scattered all over the world. Thanks to our data intelligence services, we work hard to adapt data science to the increasing demand on water supply. Our solutions are meant to save water sources and better manage natural resources.

Don’t want to miss any of the growing advantages of data science ? Get yourself a clearer vision of this new scientific method by visiting our website: steps.tn.

DATE: Aug 29, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam