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Despite the fact that data-mining is a newcomer to the business field today, nobody can deny its importance in making businesses grow. In this article, we will provide our readers with a detailed definition of data mining. We will also talk about its uses of and its influence.


To make it simple, data-mining is all about gathering and digging data. Then, you need to analyze it in order to get relevant and useful information. Data miners of course use business intelligence solutions instead of the old tools and software to track and analyze the huge amount of structured and unstructured data. 


The Business intelligence solutions provide relevant and continuous ETL (extract-transform-Load) data processing to help organizations and businesses warehouse data smoothly. In fact, after finishing the mining process, business owners and decision makers will be provided with useful reports of summarized data. Before data-mining came to save us, these reports needed a high level of expertise.


As modern businesses rely on a massive amount of data today, they should check it and analyze it whenever they need useful information. This is how the term “Big Data” was created. Indeed, business owners, leaders and organizations use data-mining systems in order to get helpful data that is manipulable and flexible, so they can make better decisions.


We can rely on business intelligence solutions in many fields. In fact, data that comes from sales, consumer behavior, market trends, categorizations, etc, needs to be treated for many specific industries. In addition, data-mining has an extremely important role on other fields such as biomedical research and educational organizations.


Our experienced team and data-mining department can be the reason for your success. Click here to know more about history and achievements! What are you waiting for? Seize the opportunity and contact us now!

DATE: Aug 1, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

5 Big Data Solutions for Small Businesses

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Discover our 5  unavoidable big data solutions for small businesses. In fact, the whole word is constantly talking about big data analysis and its impact on businesses. Armed with actionable data, companies can gain a competitive edge. They can also have a comprehensive view of their clients. Thanks to data science, business owners can craft the right products and services for the right clients. In addition to this, data analysis helps you to accurately forecast the preferences of customers. Consequently, big data analysis is also offering solutions to small business. First, let’s start with SAS.

1/What’s SAS ?

You think that a small business doesn’t need data analytics. You better rethink what you have said. In fact, business intelligence is now a must for every company, regardless of its size. Thus, SAS, a leader in business analytics software, provides you with data analytics which help you to make insightful business forecasts. Having this at hand will lead you to a better decision-making. Give your business new perspectives. But what about ClearStory Data ?

Overwhelmed with raw data and unable to grasp the right insights out of it ? Clear story data specializes in uncluttering large bulks of unstructured data. This data intelligence service showcases high quality business insights out of raw data. ClearStory Data works by combining your business’s internal data with publicly available information to help you make better business decisions. The insights are used to evaluate the status quo of the company and prepares the ground for potential positive shifts. Thanks to data mining, you can establish a new road map to work and better visualize your future in the market. Now, let’s move to kissmetrics.


Have you ever heard of ROI? The Return on Investment metric is so important in the research marketing department. It allows you to know that the investment you are undertaking is worth it or no. To measure the effectiveness of your work, you need to keep a track of your marketing actions. Kissmetrics is a leader in terms of data analytics. It is your essential tool to gather data and analyze it for the best of your business. But one second, are we forgetting a leading figure in data science?

4/ Google Analytics:

We can’t talk about data analytics and overlook google analytics ! Google orchestrated this tool to dive into business data and craft precise insights on market forecasts. This is an available web analytics service offered by Google. It reports the traffic of websites. By this, business owners can grasp the needs of their potential clients and reward loyal ones with a loyalty program. Google analytics dashboard is just an initiation to the marvelous impact of data science on your work. It will give you a general overview on the performance of your website. However, you need a more comprehensive vision of what’s going on in your industry. To fulfill this objective, we give you the data mining agency you are looking for.

5/ Steps:

Steps is one of the pioneering startups in Tunisia specialized in data science. Working with international clients, steps’ data scientists are equipped with the latest technologies to grasp data and destruct it for the best business insights. The projects of Steps range from analyzing water data to sketch predictive analysis for market trends.  Thank to the data submitted by clients, data analysts can make sentiment analysis regarding the behavior of specific customers. Want to learn more about this new technology to increase your sales. Contact us now!


DATE: Jul 9, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Structured Vs. Unstructured Data

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Do you know the difference between structured and unstructured data ? In fact, the IT development has brought about a revolution in the perception of data. As Joe Kaeser, CEO of Siemens states it, “Data is the oil, some say the gold, of the 21st century”. Thus, managers should reconsider their way of treating this precious resource. Moreover, data can contribute to the establishment of insightful business reports. It can also be an effective means to save time and costs. In other terms, your company should catch up with the trends of the market. You should delegate the analysis of its data to skilled data scientists. But first how many types of data do we have ?

We distingush 2 types of data:

1/ Structured Data :

In fact, structured data refers to any piece of information that is segmented and stored in pre-defined manner. This type of data exists in different parts. Each piece of input is labeled and stored according to an overarching data model. This phase is the first step of data science. Right after collecting raw data, data miners clean the available material. Thus, the decluttered clouds of information become ready to the data analysis phase. It is worth noting that structured data is much more easier to deal with than raw information. Data miners may also deal with documents that incorporate tags. These latters are used to organize elements of clouds. This data is also referred to as structured data. Data analysts are pleased to deal with this blocks of information. Otherwise, they need to tackle …

2/ Unstructured Data:

In contrast to the previous type of data, unstructured data does not refer to a pre-defined structural model applied to it. It does not include labels or tags appointing to different structural elements within it. When we say data miners deal essentially with unstructured data, we mean that they have mainly textual format in their hands. Data specialists will tell you that this format alludes to texts existing together to create a single file. As a consequence data miners are subjects to unstructured complex textual forms of data.

Unstructured data makes the work of data scientists much harder. It provokes few problems of storage. It can even affects badly the workflow of performance perspectives.  In today’s industries, data is power. Data scientis are your partners to better business results. They crunch data to provide you with the

Worried about your company’s data ? Steps engineers are here to take care of it. We collect, analyze and model the best business intelligence reports for you. These reports will put you ahead of your competitors. Steps’ experts will provide with the right scientific tools to prepare your next marketing roadmap. Our data analysts can help you to adjust your data to every business need. In fact, data is impacting every field and becoming the engine that impacts the growth of many industries. Don’t want to get stuck into these large-format data ? You firmly believe in the magic of data analytics ?

Rely on the expertise of our data miners to treat smoothly your complex set of data !

DATE: Oct 16, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Make your Website the Hub of your Business !

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Every business needs a dynamic and aesthetically effective website. However, many entrepreneurs still overlook this fact. Managers do not invest that much in updating their business websites to the needs of the market. As an investor, you need to know that your website is today the hub of your business. It will help you improve your offer. It will bring a significant contribution to your marketing efforts. In this article, we will list for your some of the seminal steps you should undergo to enhance your busines.

First, let us start by:

1/ The Creation of the Best Site:

As a starting point, your business website should follow the basic guidelines of website creation. It should also be accessible to your customers worldwide. In other terms, your website is the first encounter of your clients with your newly emerging business. Thus, it should be professional and convey a positive representation of your work.

Thanks to an array of templates offered by internet, you may create a smart-looking site using a cheap website builder. However, you will be fooling your customers. To gain a competitive edge and make a serious impression in your sector, you should rely on a professional design team. Our skilled designers will be glad to bring their expertise to your new site.  Our creative designers can also maintain the site and update it for you based on your personal commands.

2/ Search Engine Optimization:

In addition to a functional site, you need to pay remarkable attention to Search Engine Optimization. In fact, there are basic requirements for all website to make favorable to search engine algorithms. We talk about the optimal and effective use of keywords and high-quality content. In addition to these variables, a website also needs incoming and outgoing links to figure on top positions within search queries.

3/ Making your Site Mobile Friendly:

During the creation process, you should ensure that your site has been optimized for mobile devices. Check that your pages look and function on smartphones. This is essential to guarantee a comfortable searching experience for your customers on their mobile phones. The use of mobile devices to make purchases and enquiries is still on the rise. Consequently, your business site should be user-friendly for your clines in both form and function.

Let our IT engineers work on the site information to make it more visually appealing and easier to engage with on a small screen. However, you should always offer the option of allowing users to access the main site, as some will prefer to use the system they are familiar with rather than the app version.

Following these steps, you are armored with the best tools to compete with other marketers and guarantee yourself a better positioning in the market, along with larger profits. The best approach is to concentrate on making your website as effective as possible and use the highest quality services for support and advice. Trust us to make your website the hub of your business.

DATE: Sep 19, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

How your Organization Must Adapt to Data

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Data Analytics is the better tool for business intelligence. Indeed, data is arguably the most valuable asset of any company. Ranging from the first steps of planning to production, data is an omnipresent component in the company files. Moreover, In any type of industry, data has a remakable added value that no employee can ignore it. To be a leading figure in the market, managers should focus on data analytics in order to extract the right business insights. As a matter of fact, grasping data to increase sales and build customer loyalty is a primordial element for every marketing strategy.

1/ Use Data Analytics for better Business Intelligence Reports: 

Marketing specialists should no longer satisfy themselves with classical tools to sketch their communication strategies. In addition, they approach data to meet their busiess objectives. To fulfill this objective, marketers should resort to the expertise of data miners. Thanks to the new data mining tools, data scientists are able to orchestrate insightful reports about various marketing operations.

2/ Opt for Data Mining to Catch up with the Market Evolution:

New web and mobile applications, along with the ongoing shifting industry dynamics convey one persistent message: Your data is always changing and evolving. So, to be in line with the market shifts and digitization, your company should adapt to data mining techniques.

Your company should be up-to-date with the upcoming changes of the market. Analysing your data will give you scientific means to prepare your next marketing campaign. Furthermore, your marketers will be equipped with the right tools to conquer the market. You will be more grounded to encounter your clients in the best attire. You should know that being proactive with your data and infrastructure assessments can save you a lot of time, waste and resources in the future.

3/ Data Sciene Has much to Offer for your Business:

Relying on the expertise of analysts to grasp data is quintessential to catch up with the tendencies of the market. If not, you wind up with bottlenecks, which create inefficiencies, delays and even work outages. Why losing money on issues that can be prevented with the right use of data mining. Invest in a data strategy, so you will be able to increase profits and manage time in the most effective way. Not to put yourself in this critical solution, give free vent to our data analysts to analyze your data:

DATE: Sep 13, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are Changing the Face of Business

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Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are Changing the Face of Business. As a matter of fact, business innovation is a constant process. It enables firms in various industries to come up with more efficient services and products. In fact, business developers work hard in order to improve products. Data science assess the quality of services proposed. Few years ago, the gathering and analysis of this type of information was expensive. Thus, our data analysts came in the way to alter this truth. You may ask why !

1/ What Do Data Scientists Do?

Indeed, companies have instant access to massive amounts of data. Of course, data scientists are able to grasp big data in record times. Once analyzed, this process prepares the ground for precise calculated marketing operations.  The ensuing arrival of smartphones allowed businesses to improve productivity so broadly. We may wonder how data analytics and artificial intelligence are enermously changing the face of industries. First, we will start by its digitization of the workflow.

2/ The Digitization and Automation of Tasks:

Data science is allowing the digitization and automation of several tasks. Moreover, many variables are being measured in a short amount of time. Thus, these indexes can optimized easily. In addition, computer process automation and artificial intelligence are finding niche applications across many industries. Artificial intelligence is no longer a trendy topic to concoct scripts for science fiction movies. This technique is altering the work of companies. To conquer the market, you shouldn’t ignore the growing impact of AI. In addition to the digitization of tasks, data analytics can also assist you to save time.

3/ Better Management of Time and Costs:

Thanks to these new technologies and processes, automation increases a firm’s capacity to produce in faster intervals of time. Data mining lowers the average costs of production every year after they’re implemented. Similarly, data science, coupled with the magics of artificial intelligence and machine learning, are effective methods to grow your profits. To explain, data science can detect human error and spot data anomalies in real time. These functionalities can ensure a better flow of productivity within companies.

4/ The Personalization of Services:

This new opportunity provided by data analytics allows a deeper understanding of customers. Relying on this new technology, companies can develop personalized products that adjust to the tastes and preferences of the clients. The implementation of data analytics algorithms can lead you to precise public sentiment analyses. Also, this type of research proves to be efficient to grasp the preferences of clients and predict the next market trends. The results will be used in creating brand loyalty and corporate image marketing campaigns.

5/ Competitive Edge in the Market:

Following this array of advantages offered by data analyctis and artificial intelligence, companies should turn their eyes to these processes invading the market. Countless business solutions and web and mobile applications are being created. Companies in various industries have begun to realize the benefits of integrating big data and its analysis into their business processes.

Not to miss any of these revolutionizing techniques and better understand their impact on growing your profits, get in touch with our experienced data analysts on:

DATE: Sep 10, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

The 4 Emerging Trends of Data Mining

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Data mining assists business companies to gather information from a number of sources. So, we shall take a look at some important emerging trends of data mining. Indeed, this will ensue the cleansing of raw data. Other algorithms and techniques come into play to extract the right business insights. These reports contribute to the increasing of sales and customers loyalty. Thanks to data mining, marketers can predict market trends and anticipate well-grounded marketing campaigns. In addition, every client should be treated as a unique piece of art who has different buying choices. Just like your products,  every consumer has stories to tell. In fact, they are looking for original experiences, while searching for your services online.

Data science processes assists marketers and entrepreneurs to engage in a variety of business tools. This fact will help entrepreneurs to catch up with the novelties of the market. All along this article, we will be enumerating the fields in which data mining is bringing much value.

1/A New Protagonist in Multimedia:

We see a significant growing of social networks. Visual data is getting more and more ungraspable. Think about marvellous videos on Youtube. In addition, users watch roughly 500 million hours of video on this famous online platform. Also, this content is shared in enormous rate in very short intervals of time. Following the latest statistics, 92% of mobile video viewers share their own personal productions with others. Consequently, data mining emerges as an adequate process to delve into this content. It is quite helpful to to assess the behaviours of customers and prepare the next marketing step to appeal to the maximum of users.

2/ Mobile Data Mining:

When we study the IT archives for the last decade, we are faced with this statement: we should pay more attention to mobile marketing. We need to stop solely focusing on promoting business websites. Mobile data mining is the new policy to implement in companies not to miss any business opportunity.

3/Location-Based Data Mining:

A lot of data stored in different locations. Here, we are faced with a quite complex business case to solve. For security issues, companies may choose to store information at different locations. Thanks to location-based data mining, analysts can track the necessary data in the right spot. Regardless of the location, data miners resort to the adequate techniques to mine information. For marketers who are looking for data insights, data mining is their ally to extract data from sources based on location. Now, let’s have a hint on artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the new trendy term that is marking 2018. AI produces remarkable amounts of data. Data mining, thus, will be used to dive into this goldmine. We shall establish resourceful information to orient new business trends. We can use AI to gather and process data. In fact, 47% of digitally mature companies have defined their artificial intelligence strategy. Others, more enthusiastic about this new trend, feel that AI is the biggest marketing trend.

4/ Time to Invest in Data Science:

Data analytics positions itself as the new game changer of business. Insights issued of data mining are regularly used by business analysts and marketers. Thus, 2018 is not going to be any different. Trust the professionalism of our data analysts. Reach us via steps.

DATE: Sep 7, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Data Mining Can Save the Environment

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Data Mining can save the environment. In fact, data mining have provided several breakthroughs in fields such as health informatics and environmental systems. In addition, massive amounts of data about environmental changes are difficult to grasp and constantly changing. Consequently, data mining is the new magical technique used by analysts to mine massive amounts of information about environmental variables.

1/ What is Data Mining ?

The analysis of environmental data requires advanced and sophisticated modeling techniques to extract the proper relevant knowledge contained. Thus, STEPS aims to become a meeting point of scientists and researchers interested in approaching scientific changes and to promoting the interaction between the environmental sciences community and the data mining community and related fields. This scientific exchange will be pave the way to a better management of natural ressources. We marry the art of data science to the saving of Mother Earth.

2/ Is Data Science the Best Alernative to Save the Environment ?

To make a long story shortour experts data analysts helps you to extract precious amounts of information out of the existing data. Saving time and costs, data mining is a highly-acclaimed technique to precipitate the rescue of the environment in regard to persisting phenomena such as draught and pollution. So ,trust our data analysts and start your journey towards a better environment. Contact us  and visit our website

DATE: Sep 6, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

The Benefits of Data Mining

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Data mining have several benefits. As a matter of factData mining is analyzing data in order to elaborate business insights. This process used in different companies to grasp massive amounts of data to detect common patterns. This technology is emerging as the new rocking strategy in terms of data management. Throughout numerous workshops, business leaders are investing in this technique to boost their work and guarantee new opportunities. Regardless of the industry, data mining helps organizations to extract precious information. This fact enhances the writing of valuable business plans, in line with future trends.

1/ In What Fields Do We Need Data Mining ?

In finance and banking, data mining can be used to establish risk models for loans and mortgages. Thanks to the analysis of the data of your customers, you can be able to assess their loyalty and detect potential fraudulent behavior. In addition to the financial sector, marketing specialists can also resort to this IT technique.

2/ Data Science Is an Excellent Tool for Traders:

This process will assist you to reconsider customer satisfaction and orchestrate targeted advertising campaigns. Throughout data-driven documents, you are more susceptible to have a wider glimpse on the activities and preferences of your clients. Delving on their purchasing history, you will also help predict what may be their next move in the market. These actions can be provided by an accurate use of data mining. Adjusting the new methods provided by artificial intelligence is also important to come up with ideas for valuable new product lines.

When organizations mine their data properly, they can gain greater visibility into customer attitude. Top data mining solutions enable organizations to learn from every customer interaction, gain behavior and prepare their next marketing step more quickly.

Want to start your first adventure with data mining techniques, we take you via notre site web

DATE: Sep 4, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Grow your Business with Big Data !

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Grow your Business with Big Data it’s a smart idea. In fact, Big data is your new powerful tool to compete in the market. In addition, it does not matter the amount of data a company has, but most importantly the ways this data is used to improve the revenue of any type of business. Data analysis is your means to master the art of interpreting massive data and answer all your lingering questions.

For those who learn how to leverage it properly, big data can lead to substantial breakthroughs and pave the way to more solid business decisions. Skilled data scientists assist you for a more accurate decision making process and can truly empower your workforce. But how can this happen?

Haw Big Data can grow your Business ?

Using a variety of algorithms to analyze your data will allow you to pinpoint the gaps your business is missing. Consequently, this process helps you to reduce costs more easily and to work more on the shortfalls of your project. Relying on the analysis of big data also prompts you within the digital world and gives you more chances to challenge your competitors. In other terms, data science can help you to evaluate the status quo of the business field and determine your prices with scientific methods.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by all the data that is out there. With the right tools, you can sift through the data to find what you need to start growing your business today. Choose one of our packages and start now your marvelous adventure with big data, click now:

DATE: Aug 23, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam