Structured Vs. Unstructured Data

Structured  Vs. Unstructured Data

Do you know the difference between structured and unstructured data? In fact, IT development has brought about a revolution in the perception of data. As Joe Kaeser, CEO of Siemens states, “Data is the oil, some say the gold, of the 21st century”. Thus, managers should reconsider their way of treating this precious resource. Moreover, data can contribute to the establishment of insightful business reports. It can also be an effective means to save time and costs. In other terms, your company should catch up with the trends of the market. You should delegate the analysis of its data to skilled data scientists. But first, how many types of data do we have?

We distinguish 2 types of data:

1/ Structured Data :

In fact, structured data refers to any piece of information that is segmented and stored in a pre-defined manner. This type of data exists in different parts. Each piece of input is labeled and stored according to an overarching data model. This phase is the first step in data science. Right after collecting raw data, data miners clean the available material. Thus, the decluttered clouds of information become ready for the data analysis phase. Structured data is much easier to deal with than raw information. Data miners may also deal with documents that incorporate tags. These latter are used to organize elements of clouds. This data is also referred to as structured data. Data analysts are pleased to deal with these blocks of information. Otherwise, they need to tackle …

2/ Unstructured Data:

In contrast to the previous type of data, unstructured data does not refer to a pre-defined structural model applied to it. It does not include labels or tags appointing to different structural elements within it. When we say data miners deal essentially with unstructured data, we mean that they have mainly textual format in their hands. Data specialists will tell you that this format alludes to texts existing together to create a single file. As a result, data miners are subject to unstructured complex textual forms of data.

Unstructured data makes the work of data scientists much harder. It provokes few problems of storage. It can even affect badly the workflow of performance perspectives. In today’s industries, data is power. Data scientists are your partners for better business results. They crunch data to provide you with.

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