The « Computer Vision » as a 2020 new technology

In computer terms, “vision” involves systems capable of identifying elements, places, objects or people from visual images and all of those are gathered by a camera or a sensor.

Indeed, that’s the technology that enables your smartphone’s camera to recognize which part of the image is capturing and to feed technology such as Google Image Search.


In 2020, we will witness tools and technologies with computer vision deployed for an increasing number of uses.

This is fundamental to the way autonomous cars can “see” and manage the danger.

The production team will use “computer vision” cameras to detect defective products or equipment failures, and the security cameras will be able to alert if there’s something out of the ordinary, without requiring 24 hours surveillance, 7 days on 7.

Computer vision allows facial recognition


facial-recognition-comptuer-visionComputer vision also allows facial recognition, which we will hear a lot about in 2020.

We have already seen how technology can control access to our smartphones in the case of Apple’s Face ID and how the airport from Dubai uses it to offer the customer a more comforting trip.

However, as the use cases increase in 2020, there will also be more and more debate over limiting the use of this technology due to the potential privacy risks and the possibility of ‘state control similar to the ‘Big Brother ‘phenomena.

DATE: Dec 26, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam
Artificial Intelligence, Business, Data, Mobile Development