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5 Big Data Solutions for Small Businesses

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Discover our 5  unavoidable big data solutions for small businesses. In fact, the whole word is constantly talking about big data analysis and its impact on businesses. Armed with actionable data, companies can gain a competitive edge. They can also have a comprehensive view of their clients. Thanks to data science, business owners can craft the right products and services for the right clients. In addition to this, data analysis helps you to accurately forecast the preferences of customers. Consequently, big data analysis is also offering solutions to small business. First, let’s start with SAS.

1/What’s SAS ?

You think that a small business doesn’t need data analytics. You better rethink what you have said. In fact, business intelligence is now a must for every company, regardless of its size. Thus, SAS, a leader in business analytics software, provides you with data analytics which help you to make insightful business forecasts. Having this at hand will lead you to a better decision-making. Give your business new perspectives. But what about ClearStory Data ?

Overwhelmed with raw data and unable to grasp the right insights out of it ? Clear story data specializes in uncluttering large bulks of unstructured data. This data intelligence service showcases high quality business insights out of raw data. ClearStory Data works by combining your business’s internal data with publicly available information to help you make better business decisions. The insights are used to evaluate the status quo of the company and prepares the ground for potential positive shifts. Thanks to data mining, you can establish a new road map to work and better visualize your future in the market. Now, let’s move to kissmetrics.


Have you ever heard of ROI? The Return on Investment metric is so important in the research marketing department. It allows you to know that the investment you are undertaking is worth it or no. To measure the effectiveness of your work, you need to keep a track of your marketing actions. Kissmetrics is a leader in terms of data analytics. It is your essential tool to gather data and analyze it for the best of your business. But one second, are we forgetting a leading figure in data science?

4/ Google Analytics:

We can’t talk about data analytics and overlook google analytics ! Google orchestrated this tool to dive into business data and craft precise insights on market forecasts. This is an available web analytics service offered by Google. It reports the traffic of websites. By this, business owners can grasp the needs of their potential clients and reward loyal ones with a loyalty program. Google analytics dashboard is just an initiation to the marvelous impact of data science on your work. It will give you a general overview on the performance of your website. However, you need a more comprehensive vision of what’s going on in your industry. To fulfill this objective, we give you the data mining agency you are looking for.

5/ Steps:

Steps is one of the pioneering startups in Tunisia specialized in data science. Working with international clients, steps’ data scientists are equipped with the latest technologies to grasp data and destruct it for the best business insights. The projects of Steps range from analyzing water data to sketch predictive analysis for market trends.  Thank to the data submitted by clients, data analysts can make sentiment analysis regarding the behavior of specific customers. Want to learn more about this new technology to increase your sales. Contact us now!


DATE: Jul 9, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Data Mining Can Save the Environment

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Data Mining can save the environment. In fact, data mining have provided several breakthroughs in fields such as health informatics and environmental systems. In addition, massive amounts of data about environmental changes are difficult to grasp and constantly changing. Consequently, data mining is the new magical technique used by analysts to mine massive amounts of information about environmental variables.

1/ What is Data Mining ?

The analysis of environmental data requires advanced and sophisticated modeling techniques to extract the proper relevant knowledge contained. Thus, STEPS aims to become a meeting point of scientists and researchers interested in approaching scientific changes and to promoting the interaction between the environmental sciences community and the data mining community and related fields. This scientific exchange will be pave the way to a better management of natural ressources. We marry the art of data science to the saving of Mother Earth.

2/ Is Data Science the Best Alernative to Save the Environment ?

To make a long story shortour experts data analysts helps you to extract precious amounts of information out of the existing data. Saving time and costs, data mining is a highly-acclaimed technique to precipitate the rescue of the environment in regard to persisting phenomena such as draught and pollution. So ,trust our data analysts and start your journey towards a better environment. Contact us  and visit our website

DATE: Sep 6, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

The Benefits of Data Mining

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Data mining have several benefits. As a matter of factData mining is analyzing data in order to elaborate business insights. This process used in different companies to grasp massive amounts of data to detect common patterns. This technology is emerging as the new rocking strategy in terms of data management. Throughout numerous workshops, business leaders are investing in this technique to boost their work and guarantee new opportunities. Regardless of the industry, data mining helps organizations to extract precious information. This fact enhances the writing of valuable business plans, in line with future trends.

1/ In What Fields Do We Need Data Mining ?

In finance and banking, data mining can be used to establish risk models for loans and mortgages. Thanks to the analysis of the data of your customers, you can be able to assess their loyalty and detect potential fraudulent behavior. In addition to the financial sector, marketing specialists can also resort to this IT technique.

2/ Data Science Is an Excellent Tool for Traders:

This process will assist you to reconsider customer satisfaction and orchestrate targeted advertising campaigns. Throughout data-driven documents, you are more susceptible to have a wider glimpse on the activities and preferences of your clients. Delving on their purchasing history, you will also help predict what may be their next move in the market. These actions can be provided by an accurate use of data mining. Adjusting the new methods provided by artificial intelligence is also important to come up with ideas for valuable new product lines.

When organizations mine their data properly, they can gain greater visibility into customer attitude. Top data mining solutions enable organizations to learn from every customer interaction, gain behavior and prepare their next marketing step more quickly.

Want to start your first adventure with data mining techniques, we take you via notre site web

DATE: Sep 4, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

What is Machine Learning?

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Typing what is machine learning into a Google search parades a box of forums. In fact, the purpose of this post is to give the definition of machine learning. To reach this objective, we read the works of machine learning researchers. Ensuing our investigation, machine learning is applying artificial intelligence to systems. Thus, this process will provide them with the ability to automatically learn. Indeed, this procedure focuses on developing computer algorithms. These latters can access data in order to use it to learn for themselves.

1/ Why Do We Need Machine Learning ?

You don’t dare ask this question ! In fact, machine learning has a number of advantages.  First, it allows a variety of technological devices to recognize and analyze patterns. These patterns are repititive in a range of industries. Thanks to machine learning, we are winning much time and costs by lending these tasks to computers. We keep human intelligence for more complex equations. Due to this mechanism, these programmed tasks can be executed autonomously by software. In an age characterized by massive data, human expertise is prone to error. Overwhelmed with unstructured bulks of information, you should give a call to data analyts expert to crunch your data. We collect, clean and analyze your data to get you the right business insights. But how do machine learning and data analytics interact together ?

2/ The Great Combination of Machine Learning and Data Science:

Relying on artificial intelligence to assist data analytics is quite important. As our human capacities are limited, machine learning will help to detect common errors. It is an useful asset for companies to detect anomalies going unnoticed throughout production phase. In addition, an amalgam of human management and machine learning is an excellent tool to grasp data scientifically. Thus, machine learning and data science should be soon integrated in your work processes to be in line with the market trends. You don’t want to be just a good marketer. You want to be the best on the market. So, what are you waiting for to discover the magic of data analytics ?

3/ Save Time and Money:

Technically speaking, machine learning is a remarkable process to save costs and time. Once implemented in a company, this process will send alerts to the system. When a critical problem occurs within the working process, data science algorithms detects the anomality and instantly signals any suspicious activity. Following these alerts, the technical team will be mobilized to resolve the signaled anomalies before complaints flood in. Thus, we will be having a concrete cost-cutting policy. Thanks to the combination of artificial intelligence and data science, companies will be able to win time and time.

4/ Gain a Competitive Edge:

In today’s fierce market, business leaders are inclined to deploy efforts to grasp the huge amounts of data generated every second. Relying on data analytics algorithms will put you ahead of competitors. As data analytics can spare you much time and efforts, you can now choose one of packages and start now your marvellous journey in data science. Success can only be guaranteed to companies that seize every opportunity to grow. Steps is your next phase for you to succeed.

DATE: Aug 31, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Data Mining is the New Key Challenge of Companies!

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Data Mining is the new key challenge of companies.  Certainly, you have been hearing this term frequently lately. However, are you sure about the definition of data mining ? Let’s grasp together this new acclaimed technique used to interpret information in companies. We use data mining to extract relevant information out of raw material. First, data miners resort to Spark to cluster data. Then, data scientists arrange data clouds in  order to produce insightful business intelligence reports. But what are the main steps of data science ?

1/ The Phases of Data Analytics:

In the first place, data miners collect the necessary information. Then, they clean it to have optimized material to work on it. Prior to the modelling phase, data analysts will have to analyze structured clusters of information usinga variety of algorithms. The last steps is the visualization of the results. But you may wonder why do we need data science in business. We will give you some of the advantages of applying this method to your business.

2/ The Advantages of Incorporating Data Mining in your Work:

In fact, data science is used to extract out of unstructured data the necessary pieces of information needed to establish relevant business decisions. Thus, the implementation of data analytics is often recommended in business circles for its remarkable benefits. The primary goal of data mining is to predict future behaviour. This includes predicting frauds and determining future trends. Thanks to data science techniques, we can even looking for areas that might be in high demand. Data mining provides entrepreneurs with relevant information to assess what is working in the market. Thus, they will definetly avoid wrong marketing steps and opt for a well grounded business plan. This will lead us to our the most persistent advantage:

3/ The Impact of Data Science on Growing Sales:

The data miners of Steps will assist companies to make the most of the data they have access to. In addition, they can provide a forecast that details changes in your market. In an ever evolving world, following the trends and researching the future of the market is an asset for improving one’s business. Moreover, we need insights to guarantee an in-depth analysis of the target market. This has been said will help you to avoid costly mistakes. The overall goal of customized data intelligence solutions is to help you make the right decisions for your business. As you move forward in your path, you need to calculate every step in your workflow. How can we help you with that?

4/ To Learn more about Data Analysis:

Steps’ data analysts can assist you to filter your data. We will go through collectiong, cleaning, analzing and finally modelling your business information. Thats to say,  you get exactly what is important for your business. You become a pioneer in the market. Having access to valuable information helps you make the right decisions as you move forward to satisfy your clients. In short, data mining provides your business with a unique opportunity for growth and evolution. For more details, discover our competitive offers on


DATE: Aug 28, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

You Need to Think Twice about Data Strategy!

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You need to think twice about Data Strategy as the world is evolving fast. In fact, data mining becomes a key factor to competitive advantage. In other terms, if a company wants to stay on top of its competitors, it should work on its perception of data. Business leaders can leverage insightful business information out of data science. Thus, competitive companies are aware of the peristent need to apply data analytics. It helps them to to sketch a specific persona of clients. This fact will help us to elaborate the best marketing campaign.

1/ Data is revolutionizing companies across most sectors:

You want effective tools to dea with your Custom Relation Management? We provide you with data intelligence services that allow you to better understand your clients. As an entrepreneur, you should focus more on the effective use of data rather than gathering it randomly. Every piece of information should stand out as an asset for your project. Steps engineers master the art of taking care of your business. Fisrt, they cleanse it to make out of it actionable information. Then, they assist you in your next decision-making process. But what do we need to reach this objective?

2/ Your Next Priority is a Data Strategy:

Steps’ data miners will orchestrate for you methods to extract the best out of your precious business data. As a matter of fact, having a clear data strategy is absolutely vital. You need to calculate your steps to ensure success for your business on the long run. A data strategy will include several phases. First, we will gather the necessary information,segment it and analyze with Spark. Following this crucial phase, you will have at hand the precious business reports that will guide you through the next marketing plan.  Of the same, how data can help you get there. So, to avoid drowning in data, employing analytical skills is essential to fill in a structured data strategy. But how do we opreate ?

3/ Data must address a specific business need !

Once analyzed, data should help the organization reach its strategic goals. Thanks to this phase, data will generate real value. Steps’ analysts will take your business to the next level. Furthermore, data scientists will assist you to answer your business questions. Thanks to data analytics, your clients are now your new partners for better quality of services. To guarantee better work performances, you need to define the key challenges of your business plan. Then, our data miners will collect and analyze the data that will help you address your persistent work issues.

4/ Conclusion:

In business, data is power. Data science is providing information we couldn’t have dreamt of just a few years ago. So why overlooking the numerous advantages offered by data mining ? Steps’ data analysis department is committed to make your business much more productive. Using the newest technologies, we adjust data science to the needs of your business. In addition, with the massive growth in Big Data, the importance of data across every aspect of business will only increase.

In fact, those companies that consider data as a strategic asset and relentlessly develop robust data and analytics strategies are the ones that will succeed. Be one of them. Reach us now via steps.


DATE: Aug 27, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Grow your Business with Big Data !

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Grow your Business with Big Data it’s a smart idea. In fact, Big data is your new powerful tool to compete in the market. In addition, it does not matter the amount of data a company has, but most importantly the ways this data is used to improve the revenue of any type of business. Data analysis is your means to master the art of interpreting massive data and answer all your lingering questions.

For those who learn how to leverage it properly, big data can lead to substantial breakthroughs and pave the way to more solid business decisions. Skilled data scientists assist you for a more accurate decision making process and can truly empower your workforce. But how can this happen?

Haw Big Data can grow your Business ?

Using a variety of algorithms to analyze your data will allow you to pinpoint the gaps your business is missing. Consequently, this process helps you to reduce costs more easily and to work more on the shortfalls of your project. Relying on the analysis of big data also prompts you within the digital world and gives you more chances to challenge your competitors. In other terms, data science can help you to evaluate the status quo of the business field and determine your prices with scientific methods.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by all the data that is out there. With the right tools, you can sift through the data to find what you need to start growing your business today. Choose one of our packages and start now your marvelous adventure with big data, click now:

DATE: Aug 23, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Stay on Top of the Game with Big Data!

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You need to stay on top of the game with Big Data, want your small business to have a bigger presence and compete more strongly with the big boys and girls in your market? One way to get there is to take advantage of the technology solutions available low cost. Big Data is your means to grasp the needs of your customers.  In fact, it helps you to benefit from the mega data available on the internet and to improve your service.

Haw can you stay on top of Big Data game’s ?

Big data has left its mark on every industry imaginable such as healthcare, advertising, marketing, retail, telecommunications and insurance. Thus, by analyzing the behaviours of your customers and tracking their purchase history, you are able to target prospects who might benefit from your products. Consequently, you can design and manufacture better products for your clients’ specific needs. In addition, Data science, more accurately the analysis of big data, assists you to make more precise business decisions. It provides you with high-quality information in a timely manner. It gives you insights on what works and what does not work in your business field. This new discipline, constantly evolving, is an effective way to apply scientific methods to monitor your business.

Stay ahead of the game and take advantage of big data

The amounts of information you can gather about your customers and the ways you can analyze this data to drive growth and innovation for your company is remarkable. Thus, it is high time you relied on data scientists to bring to the summit of the market. Stay ahead of the game and take advantage of big data now to drive sales and boost growth for your business. Stay tuned and discover our offers to adjust your business to data science.  So visit us on  to know more about our big data services ‘s

DATE: Aug 20, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Data Science Helps you to Listen more to your Customers!

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Data Science helps you to listen more to your customers. In fact, in a very competitive world you should more than ever listen to your customer. Individuals are tempted by hundreds of products and services. When consumers get online, they encounter a number of discounts. Thus, you need to assess what they need to get closer to them. This is possible thanks to the proliferation of social media networks.

1/ Social Media is Your New Goldmine:

On social platforms, angry clients express their dissatisfaction. Happy ones post their images with their favourite product. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn provide you with an important amount of data regarding your customers. So why missing on these data sources ? Your clients are just there providing you with their feedback. Let our data science specialists get the best insights for you. Rely on the power of data analytics to proceed to sentiment analysis.

2/ How can you use this data to grasp your customers?

As a matter of fact, data science is your ally to gather and analyze this unstructured data. Use it to evaluate the performances of your clients. Don’t underestimate the effect of data science on your business. This new field is geared towards providing meaningful information based on large amounts of complex data. Imagine you have data about a customer’s buying decision under a particular circumstance. Then, our data miners can use this data to figure out his buying decision under a similar circumstance in the future. Isn’t fantastic ?

3/ Time to Rely on Data-Driven Decisions:

You want to add credibility to your work and enhance you customer loyalty ? Enhance your decision-making process with data anlytics. In fact, you can resort to our business intelligence dashboard. With the right tools, our data miners can crunch data and prepare for you precise business reports about market trends. Still worried about cost reduction ? We get the appropriate solution for you. By crunching enenmours sets of data, you can have the time to rearrange your marketing campaigns and start over with scientific methods.

4/ Reduce Time and Costs:

In business, time is money. Thus, prepare yourself to increase sales, as you are saving much more money with data science. Through quantifiable data, we are your trusted advisor for strategic business decisions. If you succeed, we succeed too. Our data intelligence solutions are there to bring better business results. Consequently, apply data mining to your sets of information. Let data unveil for you what’s trendy on the market. Let data warn on the fraudulant activities of your field.

5/ Is my Industry Covered by Data Science Magic ?

We can proudly confirm that data mining can cover any type of industry. The algorithms of data science can crunch any type of information and render it into actionable business insights. Be the pioneer of your field to match the results of data analytics to the business requirements of your field. Be the revolutionary preton of the market. You will be happy to see the instant results of implementing data intelligence solutions on your work. Want to learn more about the use of big data in your business?  Then, visit our website and get the best of our exquisite offers.

DATE: Aug 13, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Big Data and Business: The New Couple en Vogue

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Big Data and Business is the New Couple en Vogue. Indeed, no one may deny the important role that big data is acquiring today in all industries. In fact, companies, along with entrepreneurs, are merging towards a maximized use of analyzed data. By this, they want to get a more complete picture of their clients. A better understanding of your clients will allow you to know how to satisfy them. Following these crucial steps, big data analysis will enhance your profits.

In other terms, data science is a goldmine that one should use effectively in order to boost sales. Then, you will improve custom loyalty in a fierce marketplace. A satisfied consumer will undoubtedly come back to you and recommend you to others ! But, how can you reach this state applying big data analytics ?

1/ Defining Big Data:

Let us first start by defining our key words: What is big data? We refer by this term to data sets which are growing exponentially. These huge amounts of data are raw and unstructured for analysis. Our data analysts can cleanze and declutter this bulk of information. Rely on our expertise to mine your data and elaborate the best business reports for your industry. After analyzing the available material, data analysts will be able to provide the stakeholders with strategic business decisions.

Big data analysis is an exceptional tool to rally all the best hypotheses for better business performances. Provide your marketers with scientific statistics to conquer the market on solid grounds. Let them see what best products suit consumers. Profit of the magic insight given by data analytics. You still hesitant on its added value on your work ? We will just tell you in the next section :

2/ The Impact of Big Data Analysis on Business:

When we talk about data science, we will definetly refer to artificial intelligence. The latter conveys the ability of computer systems to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence. These tasks may include visual perception, speech recognition, and decision-making. With the emergenec of new technologies, artificial inetlligence and data science are quintessential to incorporate in your business patterns. These processes will assist you to have an acute understanding of your customers.

The implementation of big data analytics can even help you in terms of human resources. With the digitization of your workflow, your employees will have at hand digital archives to work with. Starting to see the new brilliant future of your business with the use of data science ?

3/ The Future Lies in the Peculiarities of Data Science:

Folllowing the statistics of Forbes, it is predicted that 70% of enterprises will implement artificial intelligence by the end of 2018. We are witnessing a significant growing in the number of companies using AI in their systems. No one is indifferent now to the combination of AI and data science. There is one thing that these statistics make crystal clear:  Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are the future of business.

In fact, big data will allow you to grasp your customers’ behaviors and preferences. However, artificial intelligence will bring you the best of digital expertise to boost your business. Choose one of our packages and profit now from the benefits of using big data analysis on your business !

DATE: Aug 7, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam