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5 Big Data Solutions for Small Businesses

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Discover our 5  unavoidable big data solutions for small businesses. In fact, the whole word is constantly talking about big data analysis and its impact on businesses. Armed with actionable data, companies can gain a competitive edge. They can also have a comprehensive view of their clients. Thanks to data science, business owners can craft the right products and services for the right clients. In addition to this, data analysis helps you to accurately forecast the preferences of customers. Consequently, big data analysis is also offering solutions to small business. First, let’s start with SAS.

1/What’s SAS ?

You think that a small business doesn’t need data analytics. You better rethink what you have said. In fact, business intelligence is now a must for every company, regardless of its size. Thus, SAS, a leader in business analytics software, provides you with data analytics which help you to make insightful business forecasts. Having this at hand will lead you to a better decision-making. Give your business new perspectives. But what about ClearStory Data ?

Overwhelmed with raw data and unable to grasp the right insights out of it ? Clear story data specializes in uncluttering large bulks of unstructured data. This data intelligence service showcases high quality business insights out of raw data. ClearStory Data works by combining your business’s internal data with publicly available information to help you make better business decisions. The insights are used to evaluate the status quo of the company and prepares the ground for potential positive shifts. Thanks to data mining, you can establish a new road map to work and better visualize your future in the market. Now, let’s move to kissmetrics.


Have you ever heard of ROI? The Return on Investment metric is so important in the research marketing department. It allows you to know that the investment you are undertaking is worth it or no. To measure the effectiveness of your work, you need to keep a track of your marketing actions. Kissmetrics is a leader in terms of data analytics. It is your essential tool to gather data and analyze it for the best of your business. But one second, are we forgetting a leading figure in data science?

4/ Google Analytics:

We can’t talk about data analytics and overlook google analytics ! Google orchestrated this tool to dive into business data and craft precise insights on market forecasts. This is an available web analytics service offered by Google. It reports the traffic of websites. By this, business owners can grasp the needs of their potential clients and reward loyal ones with a loyalty program. Google analytics dashboard is just an initiation to the marvelous impact of data science on your work. It will give you a general overview on the performance of your website. However, you need a more comprehensive vision of what’s going on in your industry. To fulfill this objective, we give you the data mining agency you are looking for.

5/ Steps:

Steps is one of the pioneering startups in Tunisia specialized in data science. Working with international clients, steps’ data scientists are equipped with the latest technologies to grasp data and destruct it for the best business insights. The projects of Steps range from analyzing water data to sketch predictive analysis for market trends.  Thank to the data submitted by clients, data analysts can make sentiment analysis regarding the behavior of specific customers. Want to learn more about this new technology to increase your sales. Contact us now!


DATE: Jul 9, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Discover the 7 Web Development Trends of 2019 !

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2019 is offering us 7 new web development trends. As a Tunisian web development company, we cover and dig deep into the prevailing trends of the market. Today, we are tempted to share with you the latest technologies. We will discover together the most in-demand languages and frameworks. We will help you to build your new trendy web or mobile app. First, let us start with the impact of artificial intelligence on the field !

1/ Artificial Intelligence:

You have certainly heard of this term before! But what do we mean by it ? In fact, we define artificial intelligence as a type of intelligence displayed by machines, mainly computers and robots. This process mimics human intelligence in order to fulfill cognitive tasks. By this, we offer better analytical solutions to our clients, and we grant them a magnificent user experience. We bet you also heard about AI chatbots and virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. These innovations bring human touch to web and mobile apps and fosters instant interaction with users. While artificial intelligence enhances the empathy of apps, JavaScript is also ranked as a persistent web development trend in 2019.

2/ JavaScript:

By far, we do confirm that JavaScript still seduces web developers all over the world. This language is constantly evolving and bringing new solutions to developers. As IT experts, we witness the evolution of its frameworks, libraries, and designs for the past years. Thus, it gives the market new opportunities to satisfy business needs, and most importantly the growing expectations of demanding clients. Don’t miss this most sought-after web development programming language. Rely on us to build your app with the best on the market ! But have you recently met the term ” Progressive web app” ?

3/ What’s Progressive Web App ?

Progressive web apps will be your new goldmine for 2019. We can tell you these apps are similar to regular web pages. However, they are way better in terms of functionality. Forget about the network state and the browser ! These apps are built with progressive enhancement. Thus, they work regardless of the features cited above. PWA focuses essentially  on the content of the core web page. Thanks to these advantages, these web apps grant a great user experience for clients. Let’s now compare it to single page application !

4/ Single Page Application:

We bet that single page application is the rock star of 2019. These web applications are mainly built with JavaScript. They boost performance. With this processing, we won’t have frequent interruptions due to page loading. Single page application  respond to navigation actions without creating a request to fetch new HTML from the server side. Along with progressive web app, single page application is highly applauded as the sought-after 2019 web development trend. We will also look into mobile friendly websites !

5/ Mobile-Friendly Website:

Today, you need to have a mobile friendly website ! This fact is out of discussion. These websites adjust themselves to all types of screen sizes and devices. We center mainly on touch controls with mobile friendly websites. Thus, we can have quicker navigation and better user experience. Websites, with mobile friendly features, reduce data entry and grant better functionalities. Thanks to the proliferation of highly functional smartphones, we are witnessing a huge shift from web development to a growing pace of mobile app development.

You want to be in top of web development agencies? Then, you need to have mobile friendly website. In fact, Google itself built a mobile optimized search. By this, Google employees want to give smartphone users an excellent user experience. Regardless of the device they are using, your clients should enjoy your next mobile friendly website. This can be further enhanced by our next 2019 web development trend.

6/ Motion UI/UX Design:

Again, Motion UI design is marking this year. As users, we love trendy graphics and fantastic dynamic designs. This fact impacts website usability. During the web development phases, developers make sure to include motion UI to attract users and ensure a remarkable user experience. On your website, people should identify with what you are offering them. They need to see a catchy visual story. Rely on our creative team to concoct the best story for your web app. Now, let’s get more into the technical sphere and talk about our next web development trend.

7/ Blockchain Technology:

blockchain is a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers. This new technology is getting more and more famous, as it grants a secure design and a decentralized consensus. We can list some advantages of blockchain technology. It cuts financial costs and improves cash frequencies. In fact, it is also quite useful to improve cash flow backed up by transparent records/data.

After going through our seven 2019 web development trends, isn’t time to keep up with the trends and let us build for you your next trendy web app !








DATE: Jun 10, 2019
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Use the Power of Predictive Analytics for better Water Management

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Invest in the Power of Predictive Analytics for better Water Management. Indeed, asking water utility companies to cut leakages remains always a delicate business case. Managing hydraulic resources still provokes much debate. In a world threatened by a severe water crisis, data analytics is playing a crucial role to monitor the industry.  

1/ How Can Data Mining Help Us to Save Water ?

Since 2012, Steps, in cooperation with international business partners, has started to elaborate predictive data analysis for governments to spot water leakages and detect anomalies in the distribution process. These business solutions are a great asset to modernize water utilities all over the world. These operations contributed to the reduction of costs and time.

The evolution of data science brought about tremendous change in the way governments and private stakeholders tackle the distribution of water. For instance, digging holes and operating in extended construction sites is costly and time-consuing. So, water utility providers turned to the predictive power of data. Steps analysts invested their expertise to collect data and work on it to elaborate predictive business reports. These documents are the key to control water management from its first phase to reaching consumers.

2/ How Do We Operate through our Data Science Strategy ?

Our strategy adopted an early leak identification solution that encompasses a variety of tasks. Thanks to this method, we worked on cutting opertaing costs and meeting water leakages in real-time. Thanks to this new data intelligence solution, we are providing better services for our clients. By this innovatory technique, we are able to prevent the customers’ outbursts over frequent water shortages and misuse of natural resources. Our project, orchestrated with the consistent assistance of our business partners, is to increase analytical capability using existing data to get early event warnings and see what we have been unable to visualise before.

3/ What Are our Steps to Take Care of your Data?

The early identification solution ensues the collection of unstructured data, the cleansing and the scientific analysis of it. These digital alerts are based around customized parameters for a quick detection of problems. Therefore , the automated monitoring of flows and pressures in the clean water distribution system allow the system to check for anomalies. Such as a sudden drop in pressure. Indeed, an increase in flow at a meter, or chain of meters, may indicate a leak will bring such events to the attention of the specialized staff. 

Applying data-based prediction is a great opportunity to preserve precious natural resources as water.

We work endlessly to use science and IT solutions to sustain development and create a better world for future generations. Our engineers are harnessing the power of predictive analytics to manage uncessary water losses and provide a better quality of services. we developed algorithms to predict unusal flow of water and potential leaks. Thanks to these operations, relevent technical teams are mobilized to fix anomalies and prevent late intervenetion in the water distribution. With the assistance of this BI solution, we are working on minimising pump usage and therefore energy consumption. For more details on our project, please visit: steps.tn


DATE: Oct 31, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Prioritize Mobile App Development !

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Mobile Development is a business priority. Want to be the must have mobile developer in any IT firm? We give you some tips in here. You should be constantly learning and developing your skills. Brilliant developers are frequently reading and getting information about the new trends of the industry. The burgeoning nature of the IT world draws a lot of people to it. Thus, you need to be an outstanding develop. Focus first on mobile development to reach the maximum of users.

1/ Why the Focus on Mobile Development ?

Developers should always be up-to-date with the novelties of their industry. They should be searching for that “hot” trend. This new technique is to be mastered to get more business opportunities. In fact, one of the most appealing trends is undoubtedly mobile development. The increasing use of smartphones contributes to the rising of mobile apps. Designed with pretty interfaces, users are happy to click on their phones and shop online.

2/ More Sales on Mobile Apps ?

The latest statistics conducted by BigCommerce, confirm that mobile commerce is witnessing more than 31 percent of total sales. Thus, we should take into consideration the incredible growth of e-commerce in our forthcoming marketing strategies. The rates of mobile conversion are also increasingly rising from one year to another. Developers were not indifferent to this growing market. They listened to the needs of their customers and started to depart from the clumsy and cheap-designed mobile apps. We see now aesthetically pleasant apps, with adjusted functionalities for a better User Experience.

3/ Whata Are User Friendly Apps ?

Developers become keener on adjusting to the demands of clients. They craft easy functionalities. Thus, anyone can understand the app. Other disciplines are also crucial to the comprehensive training of  a developer. Every phase of the mobile development is centered on the user. We talk here about  deep learning methods, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. In fact, there is already substantial evidence that app consumers enjoy these kinds of capabilities. Consumers are today well-informed. They are excited to use new mobile apps. They also express their feedback on social platforms. However,

4/ Does this Change Affect Web Development ?

Mobile development is a continuation to web development. Developers try to keep up with the market trends. However, we will still need practical web apps to get practical information. Famous brands have understod this equation. They provide users with a classical web app. In addition to this, they reach clients on their smartphones with bright mobile apss. Being able to personalize content is also becoming a top priority for m-commerce developers. The leading figueres of marketing knew how to distinguish themselves from others. They focus on original content and dynamic interfaces. They hire the best developers to produce the most eye appealing apps.

5/ Looking for Highly Skilled Developers ?

Last, you work hard to grow your business. You develop marketing plans and try endlessly to improve your products. However, a business without clients is just a hobby. So , you should be able to reach your clients via a fasciationg mobile app. Isn’t time to rely on our expertise ? Our mobile developers will be happy to craft for you the best mobile app !

DATE: Sep 24, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are Changing the Face of Business

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Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are Changing the Face of Business. As a matter of fact, business innovation is a constant process. It enables firms in various industries to come up with more efficient services and products. In fact, business developers work hard in order to improve products. Data science assess the quality of services proposed. Few years ago, the gathering and analysis of this type of information was expensive. Thus, our data analysts came in the way to alter this truth. You may ask why !

1/ What Do Data Scientists Do?

Indeed, companies have instant access to massive amounts of data. Of course, data scientists are able to grasp big data in record times. Once analyzed, this process prepares the ground for precise calculated marketing operations.  The ensuing arrival of smartphones allowed businesses to improve productivity so broadly. We may wonder how data analytics and artificial intelligence are enermously changing the face of industries. First, we will start by its digitization of the workflow.

2/ The Digitization and Automation of Tasks:

Data science is allowing the digitization and automation of several tasks. Moreover, many variables are being measured in a short amount of time. Thus, these indexes can optimized easily. In addition, computer process automation and artificial intelligence are finding niche applications across many industries. Artificial intelligence is no longer a trendy topic to concoct scripts for science fiction movies. This technique is altering the work of companies. To conquer the market, you shouldn’t ignore the growing impact of AI. In addition to the digitization of tasks, data analytics can also assist you to save time.

3/ Better Management of Time and Costs:

Thanks to these new technologies and processes, automation increases a firm’s capacity to produce in faster intervals of time. Data mining lowers the average costs of production every year after they’re implemented. Similarly, data science, coupled with the magics of artificial intelligence and machine learning, are effective methods to grow your profits. To explain, data science can detect human error and spot data anomalies in real time. These functionalities can ensure a better flow of productivity within companies.

4/ The Personalization of Services:

This new opportunity provided by data analytics allows a deeper understanding of customers. Relying on this new technology, companies can develop personalized products that adjust to the tastes and preferences of the clients. The implementation of data analytics algorithms can lead you to precise public sentiment analyses. Also, this type of research proves to be efficient to grasp the preferences of clients and predict the next market trends. The results will be used in creating brand loyalty and corporate image marketing campaigns.

5/ Competitive Edge in the Market:

Following this array of advantages offered by data analyctis and artificial intelligence, companies should turn their eyes to these processes invading the market. Countless business solutions and web and mobile applications are being created. Companies in various industries have begun to realize the benefits of integrating big data and its analysis into their business processes.

Not to miss any of these revolutionizing techniques and better understand their impact on growing your profits, get in touch with our experienced data analysts on: steps.tn

DATE: Sep 10, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

The 4 Emerging Trends of Data Mining

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Data mining assists business companies to gather information from a number of sources. So, we shall take a look at some important emerging trends of data mining. Indeed, this will ensue the cleansing of raw data. Other algorithms and techniques come into play to extract the right business insights. These reports contribute to the increasing of sales and customers loyalty. Thanks to data mining, marketers can predict market trends and anticipate well-grounded marketing campaigns. In addition, every client should be treated as a unique piece of art who has different buying choices. Just like your products,  every consumer has stories to tell. In fact, they are looking for original experiences, while searching for your services online.

Data science processes assists marketers and entrepreneurs to engage in a variety of business tools. This fact will help entrepreneurs to catch up with the novelties of the market. All along this article, we will be enumerating the fields in which data mining is bringing much value.

1/A New Protagonist in Multimedia:

We see a significant growing of social networks. Visual data is getting more and more ungraspable. Think about marvellous videos on Youtube. In addition, users watch roughly 500 million hours of video on this famous online platform. Also, this content is shared in enormous rate in very short intervals of time. Following the latest statistics, 92% of mobile video viewers share their own personal productions with others. Consequently, data mining emerges as an adequate process to delve into this content. It is quite helpful to to assess the behaviours of customers and prepare the next marketing step to appeal to the maximum of users.

2/ Mobile Data Mining:

When we study the IT archives for the last decade, we are faced with this statement: we should pay more attention to mobile marketing. We need to stop solely focusing on promoting business websites. Mobile data mining is the new policy to implement in companies not to miss any business opportunity.

3/Location-Based Data Mining:

A lot of data stored in different locations. Here, we are faced with a quite complex business case to solve. For security issues, companies may choose to store information at different locations. Thanks to location-based data mining, analysts can track the necessary data in the right spot. Regardless of the location, data miners resort to the adequate techniques to mine information. For marketers who are looking for data insights, data mining is their ally to extract data from sources based on location. Now, let’s have a hint on artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the new trendy term that is marking 2018. AI produces remarkable amounts of data. Data mining, thus, will be used to dive into this goldmine. We shall establish resourceful information to orient new business trends. We can use AI to gather and process data. In fact, 47% of digitally mature companies have defined their artificial intelligence strategy. Others, more enthusiastic about this new trend, feel that AI is the biggest marketing trend.

4/ Time to Invest in Data Science:

Data analytics positions itself as the new game changer of business. Insights issued of data mining are regularly used by business analysts and marketers. Thus, 2018 is not going to be any different. Trust the professionalism of our data analysts. Reach us via steps.

DATE: Sep 7, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

What is Machine Learning?

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Typing what is machine learning into a Google search parades a box of forums. In fact, the purpose of this post is to give the definition of machine learning. To reach this objective, we read the works of machine learning researchers. Ensuing our investigation, machine learning is applying artificial intelligence to systems. Thus, this process will provide them with the ability to automatically learn. Indeed, this procedure focuses on developing computer algorithms. These latters can access data in order to use it to learn for themselves.

1/ Why Do We Need Machine Learning ?

You don’t dare ask this question ! In fact, machine learning has a number of advantages.  First, it allows a variety of technological devices to recognize and analyze patterns. These patterns are repititive in a range of industries. Thanks to machine learning, we are winning much time and costs by lending these tasks to computers. We keep human intelligence for more complex equations. Due to this mechanism, these programmed tasks can be executed autonomously by software. In an age characterized by massive data, human expertise is prone to error. Overwhelmed with unstructured bulks of information, you should give a call to data analyts expert to crunch your data. We collect, clean and analyze your data to get you the right business insights. But how do machine learning and data analytics interact together ?

2/ The Great Combination of Machine Learning and Data Science:

Relying on artificial intelligence to assist data analytics is quite important. As our human capacities are limited, machine learning will help to detect common errors. It is an useful asset for companies to detect anomalies going unnoticed throughout production phase. In addition, an amalgam of human management and machine learning is an excellent tool to grasp data scientifically. Thus, machine learning and data science should be soon integrated in your work processes to be in line with the market trends. You don’t want to be just a good marketer. You want to be the best on the market. So, what are you waiting for to discover the magic of data analytics ?

3/ Save Time and Money:

Technically speaking, machine learning is a remarkable process to save costs and time. Once implemented in a company, this process will send alerts to the system. When a critical problem occurs within the working process, data science algorithms detects the anomality and instantly signals any suspicious activity. Following these alerts, the technical team will be mobilized to resolve the signaled anomalies before complaints flood in. Thus, we will be having a concrete cost-cutting policy. Thanks to the combination of artificial intelligence and data science, companies will be able to win time and time.

4/ Gain a Competitive Edge:

In today’s fierce market, business leaders are inclined to deploy efforts to grasp the huge amounts of data generated every second. Relying on data analytics algorithms will put you ahead of competitors. As data analytics can spare you much time and efforts, you can now choose one of packages and start now your marvellous journey in data science. Success can only be guaranteed to companies that seize every opportunity to grow. Steps is your next phase for you to succeed.

DATE: Aug 31, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam

Data Analytics is a Must in Today’s Business!

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Data Analytics is a must in business today. In fact, Remarkable industries are increasingly relying on data analytics. This will help them to get better business insights. Thus, marketers can anticipate clients’ needs. We were all amazed by the success stories of data analysis based business such as Uber and Amazon. These giants of the market have tried to transform themselves into insight-driven organizations. Aware of the impact of data analytics on growing sales, many leading corporations are relying on data analysts to meet their business expectations.

1/ How can data analytics be useful for your own company?

As a definition, data science allows managers to convert unstructured data into a comprehensive format for various customers. In fact, the converted details can be employed to cleanse, convert, or model data. This process will pave the way to a a better decision-making within the company.  Data analytics is quite useful for newly emerging companies or startups. At Steps, we love taking care of our clients’ data.  In addition, this technique assists business leaders to digitize their work. We alter the already existing business model for a more productive one.

2/ Data Analytics is a Business Model for more Productivity:

In fact, you need to implement data analytics in your company for a number of reasons. Want to catch up with the ever evolving business tendencies ? Data analytics is your crucial weapon to be in line with the upcoming changes. It is worth noting that data science focuses on new value propositions with an experimental edge. Thus, your company will have a competitor advantage over other stakeholders. No one can deny this truth: business is becoming more and more data dependent. Following this phase, the significance of data analytics as a prime decision-making technology will further increase. How can data analytics help you grow your traffic ?

3/ Data Science Can Help you Grow Profits:

Regardless of the industry, data mining can help you to detect fraudulant activities. Grasping huge amounts of customer data will give you an overview of your most loyal customers. It can also give you a glimpse of suspicious behaviours. By implementing data analytics algorithms, you can guarantee a better work flow. Consequently, you cannot overlook the paramount added value of data analytics on your business. Its impact is quite obvious in the banking sector and the health industry. Let us tell you more about our data intelligence project.

4/ Data Analytics Impacts the Water Industry:

At steps, we adjusted mainly  to the water utility providers. In fact, our data miners use data analytics processes to provide notifications about water loss. They coordinate with technical teams to prevent water leakages and signal any suspicious consumption of hydraulic resources. We collaborate with more than 167 clients scattered all over the world. Thanks to our data intelligence services, we work hard to adapt data science to the increasing demand on water supply. Our solutions are meant to save water sources and better manage natural resources.

Don’t want to miss any of the growing advantages of data science ? Get yourself a clearer vision of this new scientific method by visiting our website: steps.tn.

DATE: Aug 29, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam