How can digital transformation & covid-19 be interlinked?

How can digital transformation & covid-19 be interlinked?

Is COVID-19 really accelerating the digital transformation of many businesses? 

It’s no wonder that COVID-19 is the hot topic of the news and social media platforms. It has completely changed our daily routine and how we do business. However, the impact of this pandemic is more noticed on small and medium enterprises.

When the government announced a full lockdown to reduce the spread of the virus, most companies found themselves obliged to go 100% online. This was to keep their business running.

And that urged companies to prepare for a digital transformation.

In simple words, what is digital transformation?

Just like the name implies, it is the use of digital technologies to lead organizations to evolve and transform. This in turn changes how they operate and deliver value to customers 

                                                                                                                                Going online is it an obligation or a choice in this pandemic? 

Staying at home forced people to use social media platforms more than usual. New needs have arisen, and people are more open to online ordering.

Businesses knew they had to adapt to this new environment. That is to keep a healthy relationship with their customers and keep selling. Additionally, this allowed them to be more agile in meeting customers’ demands. Therefore, following this new way is no longer a choice. It’s becoming more of an obligation. 

A recent survey by Harvard business review analytics services showed that the pandemic led 91% of companies to change their business models. 33% found that the changes are significant. This shows that digital transformation is becoming more of an obligation rather than a choice. This organizational change is considered a sweet obligation for some companies.


Do you think that the power of digital technologies is pushing companies towards new opportunities or the opposite? 

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