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The LMS project (Learning Management System) is an E-Learning platform designed to help professionals excel in their various fields of work. Our client being a renowned training company, all that they were missing was a platform that could help them train people offline and online, while facilitating the lives of anyone in their training ecosystem. LMS fulfills that objective with perfection.




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Native web development
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Project Management

 The challenge

Our client, a prominent training company, approached us with a pressing need to upgrade their existing application, which lacked any online functionalities. They wanted to enhance their offering and transition to a modern Learning Management System (LMS) built on .NET and Angular technologies.

Their requirements included: User & Client Management System, Programs and Sessions, Exams and Surveys, Project Management, Schedule and Attendance, Contract Management, and User-friendly Interface. 


To address the client’s requirements and overcome the challenges, we implemented a multi microservice solution that embraced digitisation and ensured seamless data management. Our comprehensive solution included:

Despite the project’s immense scope and time constraints, our dedicated team successfully met the client’s requirements, delivering a robust and feature-rich LMS that empowered our clients to deliver an unparalleled e-learning experience.


The impact of the LMS project was the full digital transformation of the client’s training activities. The client went from organizing everything manually, and giving all courses face-to-face, to being able to organize everything on the E-Learning platform “NOW”, and having the option to give not only face-to-face courses, but also virtual and recorded ones.

Technologies & tools

The future of “NOW” LMS 

A massive benefit of the LMS project is that it was built with scalability in mind from the start. This means that it was built as a SaaS, and the UI Design is easily customisable to be suitable for any company and brand.

The “NOW” LMS is already implemented with 3 different platforms, and there is the possibility to implement infinitely more! 

At STEPS, we always try to plan ahead, and with this project, the benefits of our approach meant that we not only would gain time, but also money, flexibility, and on top of that have a fully scalable project. 

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