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The Customer Service of the Year Award is a prize designed to evaluate companies on the quality of their customer relations. Whereas voted Product of the Year is an industrial award brand that is given to companies that submit their products to a vote of selected consumers.

About customer service
of the year & Voted product of the year

Services provided

The challenge

The purpose of this project is to understand consumer buying behavior to select the product of the year.
Hence, after collecting all the votes on different products, the main challenge faced by our client is having a large and unstructured data set. Accordingly, Voted Product of the year requested the guidance of STEPS in getting easy to read dashboard that can facilitate the process of decision making.

The perfect solution is to use the business intelligence tool (Microsoft Power BI) to solve this business challenge.

Taking the sample provided by our client, we started the work by integrating, preparing and analyzing the data. We classified the different groups of respondents by age, gender, geographic location, level of education, users’ opinion for the different groups of products. Subsequently, we created and designed dashboards and reports presenting key indicators such as “frequency of purchase and satisfaction level”. 

All the deliverables given to our client were highly appreciated.



Value Provided

  • Actionable business insights with advanced data analysis
  • Multiple reports for the different products with highly detailed visualizations
  • Faster and better decision making

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