About Criistal

CRIISTAL is an online focus group. This solution adopts an innovative and specialized financial tool that simplifies and secure the management of participant’s indemnities in the market research process.


Finance and banking


Web ( responsive)

Services provided

Native web development
Testing and QA
Server maintenance

 The challenge

To digitize the process of paying incentives to research participants, Criistal approached STEPS to develop their web application.

They saw the opportunity of the growing trend towards online focus groups and research methods and the issue of online payment.
So to facilitate the process of payment & billing between the participants and the research institutes, the Criistal web app will act as an intermediary between both parties.


Our client needed a fully functional website with a secure dashboard and a robust authentication system, along with a modern encryption system.

Doing so, the main challenge that STEPS contributed to solving it is developing a secure financial tool & a smooth user experience.

So to reach the desired objectives, they wanted the application to be built around three related modules:

  • Participant
  • Client
  • Administration
  • super admin section


And each one of the three interfaces contains different functionalities that create a great UX experience.
Additionally, they excepted the system to be completely secure. So, we developed a payment system that includes PayPal services and an accounting module as well.

Technologies & tools

UI design system

Secure paperless experience!

To provide a better user experience, we developed a digital signature to secure and safeguard the integrity of the data and smooth paperless digital experience.

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