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Tips to optimize your Linkedin profile

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If you’re trying to optimize your linkedin profile and making it attractive as possible, we offer you the top tips to be remarkable and noticed.

Starting with your profile picture

Using a good photo profile is 14 times more visited than those who do not have one or publishing a fake one.  Having a photo allows you to personalize your brand and to humanize the relationship. Think that this photo will be the first entry point of your visitors into your universe. Your photo will include not only the search results on LinkedIn, but also to some extent on Google and other search sites.

So, try to make sure it has an impact !

Then the banner photo

The second visual aspect of your profile shouldn’t bring all the interest. That photo at the top of your profile will allow the visitor to understand right away what they’re dealing with. So try to opt for a visual that will immediately help you understand your real function. The main goal here is to make sure that the visitor understands where he is, and above all, that what he’ll see makes him want to discover more.

Modify your title

This small detail will actually present your main activity, and takes over your current situation. But not everyone knows it’s customizable.
Use this space to talk about the value you can bring to encourage visitor to work with you, and remember to not limit yourself to your current job, or whatever you would like to do. Be open to any opportunity !

Tell your story in the summary

Once you captured your target interest or encouraged them to visit your profile, then they would want to see more. And that’s the real purpose of the summary. So just try to use this space not to describe what you do, or what you can do. So highlight the value you bring, where you come from and what you are passionate about. Present your journey, your achievements, your pride, your challenges … to make them want to reach you.

Add “rich media

At the level of your summary, in each professional experience or in the studies part for example try to add content allowing the visitor of your profile to see concretely your achievements.

Follow serious profiles and companies

This may seem classical, but following good profiles and companies is an important element, which is visible to all your connections on LinkedIn.
By following them, you help your targets to understand who you are, how you work, and what interests from a professional perspective.

DATE: Jan 29, 2020
AUTHOR: StepsTeam