Can Mobile Applications Help Tackle Climate Change?

Mobile applications are the new solutions to tackle climate change. This issue is becoming very common in worldwide conferences. In fact, goverments started to include “green policies” in their plans. But you may wonder how mobile apps can play a role in this story. Surprisingly, mobile apps assit users to reduce fuel emissions and alter climate changes.

1/ Mobile Applications Reduce Carbon Emissions in the World:

Several studies testify to this truth. Carbon Trust which helps governments to reduce carbon emissions, states that mobile technology is our new ally to protect the environment. In US and Europe, users rely on mobile apps to do shopping instead of using their cars to buy products. Following the last statistics, the use of mobile applications in Europe and North America is saving more than 180 million tons of carbon emissions per year. Individuals choose to use their smartphones and user friendly mobile apps to enjoy a variety of services.

2/ Online Shopping Decreases Fuel Consumption:

The participants in recent studies confirmed in one voice that using mobile apps have altered their lifestyles. People who rely on these apps spare themselves moving to buy items. We talk about apps which help you to plan travel routes, dowload music and books. At Steps, our developers are ready to help you create your own mobile app to make your clients’ lives even easier. Our UI/UX approach will make your mobile app stand out. We build user friendly apps that make customers reach you with one click. In a digital world, consumers tend to rely on their sartphones to get their tasks done. They will be pleased to find a minimalist design with practical functionalities. Thanks to this revolutionizing design, the app users will find what they need in the blink of an eye. Satisfied clients are your bonus. They will be happy to share their amzing experience with your app and recommend it on social platforms.

3/ Let’s Have a Video Call instead of a Doctor Visit:

The majority of those surveyed said they would be happy to adopt new “mobile” behaviour if it could further cut carbon emissions. A mobile behaviour implies people relying more on apps to fulfill specific tasks. Why having a pain in the neck and making all the way to doctors? With a good Wifi, mobile apps can bring the doctor to you. By this, we are gaining much time and reducing in a second place carbon emissions. We contribute constantly to saving energy, a persistent global emergency today.

4/ Save the Environment with Trendy Mobile Apps:

Mobile is going to play a remarkable role in tackling climate change. We are witnessing today only a glimpse of the power of mobile development on making our world a better place. Steps helps you to launch that “green” app to reduce carbon emissions. Thanks to mobile development, you will contribute to saving energies and reducing pollution.

DATE: Oct 8, 2018
AUTHOR: StepsTeam
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